Find out more about how you can learn Norwegian. 
Photo: Marius E. Hauge .Find out more about how you can learn Norwegian. Photo: Marius E. Hauge

Learning Norwegian

Norwegian belongs to the northern group of Germanic languages. It is very close to Swedish and Danish and is also related to English, German and Dutch.

A selection of language books, CDs and tapes is also available from the Anglo Norse Society in London, tel. 020 7235 9529. A wider range is kept by the international bookshop Grant & Cutler, 55 Gt. Marlborough St., London W1V 2AY, tel. 020 7734 2012.

For a quick-fix introduction to the language, you could try the illustrated phrase book 'Instant Norwegian' by Dot Publications, available from W.H. Smith, Grant & Cutler and Or for a very basic introduction to the spoken language, try an online learning programme such as the free One-Minute Norwegian. This may be followed up by a DVD/audio-book course such as Teach Yourself Norwegian Conversation.

For Norwegian courses in the UK, please see Part-time classes in Norwegian or University Studies.

Norwegian Language Test - ’The Bergen Test’
Folkeuniversitetet Adult Education Association is responsible for administering this Norwegian language test for foreign speakers. See – or telephone 00 47 22 98 88 22 for further information about the possibility of sitting the exam in London.

Universitetet i Bergen
Section for Norwegian as a second language
Sydnesplass 7
5007 Bergen, Norway
Telephone: (+47)55583543
Telefax: (+47) 55582535


Folkeuniversitetet Midt-Norge now offer online Norwegian courses for those who seek to learn Norwegian before arriving in Norway. The learner will get language instruction from beginner level (A1) to advanced level (C1), and the topics that are used during the classes provide an understanding of Norwegian society and culture.

More information on or via email to

Norwegian Classes in Oslo for foreign speakers

Adult Education Association
Christian Krohgs gate 34
N - 0186 Oslo
Tel. +47 22 98 88 00

Rosenhof Voksenopplæringssenter
Dynekilgt. 10
N - 0569 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 38 77 00

Language Power Centre
Dronningensgt. 23
7. etg. , 0154 Oslo
Tlf.: 22 47 86 50
Fax: 22 42 11 85

Kongens gate 9
N - 0153 Oslo
Tel. +47 23 10 01 10

University of Oslo
Institute of Linguistics
P.O.Box 1102 Blindern
N - 0317 Oslo
Tel. +47 22 85 67 34

Aftenskolen i Oslo og Bærum
Kirkegt. 32
N - 0153 Oslo
Tel.: +47 22 42 67 67

For private tutors in Norway, please look up the Norwegian Yellow Pages on:


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