Legislative Assistance

At the Consulate at the Norwegian Embassy you can receive legislative assistance.

Among the functions which can be performed at the Norwegian Embassy are authentication of signatures or the correctness of copies, that an act of violation has been made by a certain person, confirmation of legitimated factual information, confirmation that an authority or a person has the right to carry out certain official functions and that a person holds a certain position or has the right to act on behalf of another person.

A notarial act is a public judicial act whereby evidence is secured of certain factual matters which may be of legal importance. It is as a rule only factual circumstances or objective information which may be the object of notarial confirmation and consequently not normally judicial questions, opinions or other interpretations based on personal judgement.

Legalisations of documents can be made at the Consular Section at the Embassy between the hours of 10:00-12.30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


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