Other passport information

Here you can find information about what to do if your passport is lost or stolen, if you change your name or if you lose your Norwegian citizenship.

Passport lost or stolen

Loss of passport should be reported to the local police (i.e. British police). When reporting it lost at the Norwegian Embassy, you should bring Norwegian identification (driver’s licence, Norwegian credit/debit card with photo and signature, Norwegian birth certificate, etc.) together with a completed 'Notification of loss of passport' form.

Please note that if your passport has ever been reported lost or stolen, it is no longer a valid travel document. If you find a passport that has been reported lost, you must hand it in to the Embassy or the police in Norway.

Change of name

Name(s) stated in the passport application must be identical to the one(s) registered in the Norwegian Public Register (‘folkeregisteret’). If this is not the case, the passport application will not be accepted.

In the UK there is no official authority that grants change of name. According to British regulations it is possible to change one's name on entry into marriage (marriage certificate) or get a statutory declaration or deed poll through a solicitor.

For notification of name change for Norwegians registered as living abroad, please complete the 'Notification of change of name' form, click here. Certified true copies need to be attached with the form. Do not send originals.

The notification of change of name should be sent to:

Skatt nord Hammerfest
9613 Hammerfest

Please note that the application for name change may take a couple of weeks.

Loss of citizenship because of non-residence in Norway

A person who acquired Norwegian citizenship at birth, but who has not resided in Norway for a total period of two years or in Norway and other Nordic countries for a total of seven years shall lose his or her Norwegian citizenship upon reaching the age of 22. The period of residence is defined as a continuous stay of not less than seven months.

A person with sufficient connection to Norway may, however, apply for retention of his/her Norwegian citizenship. Such application must be submitted before the applicant reaches the age of 22 years. Please click here for further information.

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