Personal Number (ID Number)

Everyone applying for a Norwegian passport must have been issued with a personal number.

Application for a personal number can be lodged at the Embassy in London or at one of our Consulates around the UK in connection with an application for passport.  You have to book an appointment in order to apply for a personal number and passport at the Embassy.

The following documentation must be provided:

- Birth certificate showing the names of both parents.
- Both parents' passports. This also applies if one of the parents is not Norwegian.
It takes approximately three weeks to be issued a personal number.

Please note that both parents may have to be present when applying for a personal number for their child in order to sign a declaration of paternity. This applies when the Norwegian parent is still registered as unmarried and living in Norway in the Norwegian public register (folkeregisteret)..

Please be aware that in some cases the processing time will be longer than usual. This applies if the child gets his/her Norwegian citizenship from the father, and when the father is registered as emigrated and unmarried in the public register (folkeregisteret). In these cases the paternity must be approved by NAV International in Norway before the personal number can be issued.

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