Date:  19 November 2013 - 22 December 2013

Ibsen’s The Lady From the Sea at the Wapping Project

The Wapping Project is currently presenting a contemporary interpretation - part installation and part large scale photographic essay - of Henrik Ibsen’s play The Lady from the Sea. It is conceived and presented like a film; shot entirely on location in and around Longyearbyen.

The Power Station will have a modern take on The Lady from the Sea – the story of Ellida, her relationship with her husband Dr Wangel and a mysterious stranger who suddenly re-enters her life to catastrophic affect. Ellida turns her moral fortitude into a metaphor for all young women trapped within the suffocating constraints of small town politics but who find the strength to rebel against its empty conventions.

The Lady from the Sea is the sixth in a series of epic photo-cinematic tales created by Jules Wright creative director and founder of the Wapping Project and her long-time collaborator, the photographer, Thomas Zanon-Larcher. The Lady from the Sea will be the final Wapping Project show in the Power Station, which will close its doors on December 22.

This modern interpretation of the story shows that the issue around strong, demanding women who desire freedom is just as relevant today as in 1888.

The Lady from the Sea
19 november – 22 December
Wapping Hydraulic Power Station
Wapping Wall, London E1W 3SG
Open noon to 10pm daily


See The Wapping Project's homepage.


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