Photo: Siv Nærø.Photo: Siv Nærø

Norwegian Film gets access to The Beatles' Music

The production company Storm Rosenberg gas signed a deal which ensures them the use of The Beatles' music for the film adaption of the book Beatles, based on the best seller by Lars Saabye Christensen.

Music supervisor Johan Husvik and producer Jørgen Storm Rosenberg. 
Photo: Øystein David Johansen.Music supervisor Johan Husvik and producer Jørgen Storm Rosenberg. Photo: Øystein David Johansen
 Several of Christensen's books have been turned into unforgettable films and TV series, most recently the successfull NRK-production The half brother. Finally, it's time for Beatles, his most defining work, to make the transition to the silver screen. The film has been in the planning for several years, and can now finally be released, after a long process of securing the music rights. Storm Rosenberg has now signed a deal which gives them the right to use the original recordings.



The agreement entails that several of The Beatles' original recordings can be used in their entirety in the film.

- This is amazing. We hope that the original music will help the film makers to visualize the scenes from the book, says Stefan Blom, chairman and president at EMI Music Nordic.

The excpansive novel Beatles, released in 1984, is one of the biggest literary bestsellers in modern Norwegian publishing history, and was sold to 16 other countries. The book revolves around four teenage boys who grow up in Oslo during the 1960s. Their friendship is mirrored through the latest news from the band The Beatles. The band's progress and challenges acts as a metaphor for the protagonists' friendship.

The film goes into production in June with a planned release date of 14 February next year. The premiere will coincide with the 30th anniversary of the novel, and has a budget of 50 million NOK.



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