Date: 25 September 2013 12:00 - 29 September 2013 23:00

Norway at Berwick Film & Media Arts festival

The Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival is exploring its Nordic roots and a variety of Norwegian films are scheduled to be screened at the festival with the name North by Northeast this September.

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival is an international celebration of the art of film in the border town of Berwick-upon-Tweed in the far north of England. The Festival returns 25th – 29th September for the 9th time to transform the town of Berwick into one big cinema screen through film premieres, site-specific installations and live events in locations across Berwick and along the town walls.

Recently has the festival welcomed Norwegian artist Sidsel Christensen to produce a work for the theme of this year’s festival North by Northeast. The piece involves the artist suspending herself from a height with ropes, performing on a hoop, which frames the Berwick landscape through moving image. Facing out to sea, the artist suspended herself 30 meters from the Royal Tweed Bridge, as part of an ambitious film shoot. For another scene she suspended herself from a scaffold on a Berwick beach – facing back over to Norway, just as her original video set on the Norwegian coast, faced over to Berwick.

Additionally, both presented as installations and screenings, many ore Norwegian films are scheduled for the festival. They state that they want to explore the Nordic heritage and cultural
connections to Northern Europe: ‘we want to reach out to our Norwegian neighbours, explore cultural connections, and to unite artists, filmmakers and audiences from around the North Sea rim to Berwick – and our program has shaped up well to do just that!’

The Norwegian contributions at Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival:

Presented as an installation:
The Yoiking Hand – the UK Premiere of a short film by Norwegian artist Elle Sofe Henrikson, being presented in Berwick’s Main Guard. Read more here.

The Arctic is Not too Far From Here – the World Premiere of an artist video by Yva Jung, shot in the Arctic Svalbard. Read more here.

Try to Do the Salmon Dance – the World Premiere of a short film by Norwegian artist Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum, and presented in Coxon’s Tower, overlooking the sea. Read more here.  

Presented as a film screening:
A Tale of Two Ships – the World Premiere of a short documentary about those who live on the open sea, by filmmaker Lars Harald Gathe. Read more here.

Bravehearts – two screenings – one for schools, and one public – of this great Norwegian documentary about young people standing up for what they believe in. Read more here.

In addition to the above, two short films from Norway have made the final selection for the Inntravel Award for Best Short Film:

Premature - Gunhild Enger

The devil’s ballroom - Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken. 

Read more about the award here.  



Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival
25th-29th of September
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