So quick and easy, this delicious pasta dish can be made with succulent prawns instead of crab if you prefer. The red chilli is optional to spice it up, simply leave it out if you are serving to heat-shy adults or children. Read more

Traditional Norwegian Pork Belly. 
Photo: Mari Svenningsen.

Norway’s vast array of traditional dishes and local specialities really comes into its own at Christmas time. Here are a few of the highlights. Read more

Wrapping the cod in prosciutto keeps it moist and succulent as it roasts. This tasty, versatile dish can easily be made with haddock if you prefer. The warm lentil salad is equally good served at room temperature and is great for a packed lunch if there are any leftovers. Read more

Have you ever tried Norwegian salmon? This is a fiery and flavoursome dish that is wholesome and rich in protein. An excellent choice for a hearty fish supper. Read more