The Skrei Season is Here!

Did you know that 1.8 million seafood meals find their way from Norway to dinner plates in the UK every year? The most exquisite of them, the Norwegian whitefish, SKREI®, has now arrived in the UK.

What is Skrei?
Skrei is seasonal Norwegian cod at its very best. It is only available in the winter season from January to April along the Norwegian coast. The cod spends most of its life in the nutrient-rich Barents Sea, but when it reaches maturity at around 5 years old, it migrates back to its birthplace to spawn. Skrei is therefore a Norwegian cod in the prime of its life, in fact, the word Skrei comes from the Norse word “skrida” which means to wander or walk. Quality-labeled SKREI® must be packed within 12 hours of being caught and kept on ice at a temperature of between 0° and 4°C.

Amazing taste
The migratory journey of Skrei makes it a whiter brighter flesh than other ages of cod. The quality standard ensure that the look and condition of the fish is of the highest quality.
Skrei forms an excellent basis for a nutritious meal. It is one of the world’s healthiest whitefish, and one portion of Skrei provides the recommended daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

Industry for the future
-When we harvest from the seas, there also rests upon us an important responsibility to manage our marine resources in an eternal perspective. We cannot ignore that some resources are subject to pressure and over-exploitation, says a representative from the Norwegian Minstry of Fisheries.

And the cod stock, which includes Skrei, is considered to be one of the best-managed cod stocks in the world. Norway has a holistic view on sustainable management, which is built on long-term thinking. Norway and Russia have shared responsibility for the preservation of the stock and make a joint decision on the size of the fishing quotas each year.

UK - a key market
According to the Norwegian Seafood Council, which is responsible for the marketing of Norwegian fish abroad, 95 000 tons of fish export go to the UK every year, making Norway the biggest supplier of seafood to the UK. The UK is Norway’s fifth biggest export market of seafood. And the growth continues - one million Britons eat Norwegian fish daily, mostly cod and haddock which is used for fish and chips.

We hope you all enjoy the taste of your fish and chips knowing that it was harvested sustainably from the cold and fresh waters of Norway. Nonetheless, we can offer you even more!

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