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Team Norway for Norwegian Business

The Norwegian Foreign Service, Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Seafood Council and the Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) have come together in Team Norway to promote Norway`s economic interests and support Norwegian companies abroad.

Team Norway was launched by the Norwegian Government in August 2013 as an overarching project to provide more effective support to Norwegian companies abroad. This is achieved through enhanced coordination and closer cooperation in Team Norway, which is chaired locally by the Norwegian ambassadors.

In the UK, Team Norway includes the Embassy, the Innovation Norway London Office, the London Office of the Norwegian Seafood Council, as well as the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC).

The Norwegian Embassy

The Norwegian Embassy in London acts as the coordinator for Team Norway in the UK.

The Embassy:

• Provides general information about  Norwegian-British political, economic and trade relations, including the framework conditions for businesses. The Embassy can also assist in gathering local information through our honorary consulates.

• Assists Norwegian firms in identifying decision makers and other key contacts within the British central and local administration. If desired and appropriate, the Embassy can also be present during meetings with British authorities.

• Organizes meetings, seminars, receptions and dinners in order to promote Norwegian economic interests in the UK, also in cooperation with other Team Norway partners.

• The Embassy can however not assist individual companies in identifying or contacting clients or provide funds for companies’ promotional or networking initiatives.

Team Norway contact at the Embassy is Counsellor Sigrid Anna Oddsen
Contact: / +44 (0)20 7591 5500 (main switchboard)

Innovation Norway in the UK and Ireland
Innovation Norway’s London office assists Norwegian enterprises in entering the British market and focuses on marketing Norway as a travel destination in the UK.

Innovation Norway:

• Assists firms in developing a market entry strategy

• Provides market research to determine the competitive situation in the UK and whether this is the right market for the product or service

• Identifies and introduces firms to potential customers, partners, producers or distributors

• Assists in customer research to identify potential target segments in the market
Companies looking to export or import into the UK or Norway are advised to contact their local tax office, as this is not a topic that Innovation Norway covers.

Contact: / +44 (0) 20 7389 8800

Norwegian Seafood Council

The Norwegian Seafood Council works on behalf of the entire Norwegian seafood industry in order to increase the international demand of Norwegian seafood. The Seafood Council is a company owned by the Ministry of Fisheries and Costal Affairs. The Council is financed by fees levied on the exporting and marketing of Norwegian Seafood. The Council established its own office in London in 2013.

The Seafood Council:

• Initiates campaigns and interventions, alone or in cooperation with Norwegian exporters to increase demand for Norwegian seafood within retail and the Horeca sector

• Provides general information about the seafood market in the UK.

• Promotes the industry through targeted information campaigns.

• The Seafood Council can however not assist individual firms with specific market information which can increase the competition with existing Norwegian suppliers. Also the Council cannot finance individual companies’ launch of new products in the UK.

Contact: / +44 (0) 77 7578 7480

The Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) promotes trade and investment between Norway and the UK and provides a platform for firms and business who wish to become a part of the Norwegian-British trade community. NBCC is a not for profit organization founded in 1906 and has its headquarters in London and a Chapter in Aberdeen. The Chamber consists of Norwegian and British companies and business people.


• Creates forums for professional and social networking for NBCC members.

• Acts as a channel between the members and Norwegian and British authorities on particular topics of special interest to the members.

• Participates in debates regarding trade and policy issues which are of a concern to NBCC members both in Britain and Norway.

Contact: / +44 (0) 20 3755 2950

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