Date Article
13/01/2006 Celebrating the centenary in the UK
13/01/2006 1905 – A Peaceful Separation
13/01/2006 The Great Powers and the union crisis
13/01/2006 The events of 1905
13/01/2006 War or peace?
28/10/2005 Special Visit - relive the highlights
28/10/2005 Princess Astrid unveils blue plaque
26/10/2005 The Norwegian Royal Family enjoying their UK visit
26/10/2005 Norwegian Foreign Minister meets Jack Straw
25/10/2005 King of Norway lays wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Warrior
25/10/2005 HM Queen Elizabeth welcomes The King and Queen of Norway
25/10/2005 The King praises oil and gas industry collaboration
24/10/2005 The Crown Prince of Norway opens health seminar
23/10/2005 HM King Harald expresses gratitude to the UK
23/10/2005 King and Queen of Norway welcomed by Parliament
23/10/2005 Lord Mayor welcomes King and Queen of Norway
23/10/2005 The King of Norway visits Lloyd's of London
23/10/2005 Norwegian exhibition at Buckingham Palace
23/10/2005 King and Queen of Norway arrives in London
23/10/2005 The Queen promotes Norwegian architecture
23/10/2005 Statue of Queen Maud unveiled by HM King Harald
23/10/2005 The Queen launches literature anthology
19/10/2005 Special Visit - Programme
21/09/2005 King and Queen of Norway visit the UK
14/02/2005 Union with Denmark
14/02/2005 The Age of the Vikings (ca. 800 - 1050 A.D.)
14/02/2005 The Middle Ages
14/02/2005 The First Norwegians
14/02/2005 1814 - 1905
14/02/2005 The Second World War
14/02/2005 Norway after the Second World War
14/02/2005 Norway after 1905
14/02/2005 Secession from Denmark
14/02/2005 Voyages into History
14/02/2005 The Viking Raids
14/02/2005 The First Norwegian Explorers
14/02/2005 Roald Amundsen
14/02/2005 Fridtjof Nansen
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