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Information to Norwegians who emigrated between 1960-75

Last updated: 05/08/2013 // Information from the Norwegian Directorate of Taxes concerning Norwegian citizenship for persons who emigrated between 1960 and 1975.

If you emigrated from Norway between 1960 and have not since been registered as permanently resident in Norway, you are requested to contact the Norwegian Embassy before applying for a new passport.

The Norwegian Directorate of Taxes has decided that that the citizenship of persons who emigrated from Norway in the period 1960–1975 and who have not since been registered as permanently resident in Norway will be altered from “Norwegian” to “unknown” in the National Population Register. This was done during the course of August 2012.

If you are affected by this, the Embassy will have to raise the matter with the Directorate of Taxes. You will be asked to provide the following documentation and information:

- a copy of your old Norwegian passport

- the full names and dates of birth of your parents

If you do not have an old Norwegian passport, you must provide the following information:

- full name

- date of birth

- place of birth

- full names and dates of birth of their parents

If you are resident in another Nordic country, you are requested to provide a transcript from the population register of that country showing citizenship and, preferably, when you moved to the country.

If you were born abroad, you should also provide a copy of your birth certificate or family book.

Citizenship of another country

If you have since acquired citizenship of another country, the Embassy will ask you to provide information about this in order to clarify the situation before taking up the matter with the Directorate of Taxes. Documentation of citizenship of the country concerned, such as a copy of your passport or certificate of citizenship, must be provided. You will be asked to clarify whether your citizenship of the country concerned was awarded on the basis of an application or in another way. If the Directorate of Taxes concludes that your Norwegian citizenship has been lost in accordance with section 23 of the current Norwegian Nationality Act or in section 7 of the previous act, your citizenship in the National Population Register will be altered accordingly.


Clarification of your citizenship will take a few weeks. If your citizenship is reverted to “Norwegian” in the National Population Register, the Directorate of Taxes will notify the Embassy, which will then notify you. If it is decided that you are no longer a Norwegian citizen, for example due to loss of citizenship, you will receive a copy of the decision directly from the Directorate.

Further questions

If you have any further questions, please contact the Directorate of Taxes directly by email:

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