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For travel to or via the USA, a machine-readable passport or a visa in a hand-written passport is required by the US immigration authorities. Note that this is also required for transits. For more information regarding machine-readable passports and entry to the USA, please go to the following website: US Embassy 

Norwegian Citizenship
For information regarding Norwegian Citizenship, please click here.

How to apply for/renew your passport
Applications for machine-readable passports must be lodged during the Consular Section’s opening hours, which are from Monday to Friday, between 10.00am-12.00noon. However, as the Consular Section may sometimes be very busy, you are advised to arrive early. Emergencies may be dealt with outside those hours – provided you have a prior appointment.

When you arrive at the Consulate General or an Honorary Consulate, please bring the following documentation:


  • 1 completed passport application form (see link under 'more'). For information regarding name and personal ID-number, you are kindly requested to read paragraphs relating to change of name and personal number below.
  • Two passport photo without headgear*) or dark glasses**) and with your mouth closed. (It must be of good quality, white / light background, not older than 3 months, minimum 36 x 47 mm). This also applies to minors. For more information about photo requirements, please click here.
  • Old passport.
  • Fee: 
    For persons over 16 years: £40
    For persons under 16 years: £24
    You may pay by cash or by cheque with a bank guarantee card.
  • 1 completed "Enclosure to the Passport Application" (see link under 'more').

*)  Provided it is not a religious necessity - in which case, a letter from religious leader must be enclosed.  This is not applicable if you wore religious headgear in your previous passport.
**) Unless it is a medical necessity - in which case, please provide a letter from your doctor. 

Children under the age of 18 must in addition to the above supply the following:

  • Old passport or, if in the case of a first passport, an extract from ‘Folkeregisteret’ in Norway (National Registry), confirming the child’s full name and date of birth with personal number. Please note that you must have a personal ID number ('personnummer') in order to obtain a machine-readable passport. For information on how to obtain such a number, please read the section regarding personal numbers.
  • Two passport photo without headgear*) or dark glasses**) and with your mouth closed. (It must be of good quality, white/light background, not older than 3 months, minimum 36 x 47 mm). For more information about photo requirements, please click here.
  • Birth certificate showing the names of both parents.
  • Both parents' passports. This also applies if one of the parents is not Norwegian.
  • Parents' marriage certificate, if applicable.

You are kindly requested to read carefully through page 2 of the Passport application. Please remember that both parents must sign the form – this also applies if one of the parents is not Norwegian.

If the child is 10 years of age or older, the child must be present when submitting the application.                                                                    

Where to apply
Norwegians resident in Scotland and Northern Ireland must apply in person through the Consulate general in Edinburgh or through one of the Norwegian Honorary Consulates . Please note that if you wish to lodge the application through one of the Honorary Consulates, you must telephone the Honorary Consulate in advance in order to make an appointment.

Norwegians resident in England and Wales should contact the Norwegian Embassy in London (Tel: 02075915500) or your nearest Honorary Consulate.

Passport lost or stolen
Loss of passport should be reported to to the local police (i.e. British police) and you should submit the following:

Some other form of Norwegian identification, such as Norwegian driver’s licence, Norwegian banker’s card, Norwegian birth certificate, etc.

A special form for loss of passport must be completed in duplicate. See link on the right.

Personal number (Norwegian ID number)
If you have ever been resident in Norway since 1964, you will hold a personal number. If you are uncertain of what the number is, please contact the Special Population Registry in Kongsvinger on telephone number: 00 47 81 58 18 06.

If you were born abroad or have not been a resident in Norway since 1964, you must apply to obtain a personal number. An application must be made in the form of a letter and sent to / handed in at the Norwegian Consulate General in Edinburgh )or the  Norwegian Embassy in London if you reside in England or Wales).

Applications for children must enclose the child's birth certificate (either in original, certified true copy or legalised if the child is born outside the Nordic countries*), parents' marriage certificate (either in original, certified true copy or legalised if issued outside the Nordic countries*) and copies of the parents' passports confirming their nationalities. It is very important that personal data relating to births abroad (such as the child's details, country of birth, both parents' names, their marital status, nationalities, etc.) are registered with the Norwegian National Population Register. For adults, please enclose a certified true copy of your Norwegian passport and - if you have changed your name after moving from Norway - a certified true copy of marriage certificate or other proof of name change. 

For more information on obtaining a personal number, please visit Oslo likningskontor's website:

Norwegians registered as living in Norway, must contact the relevant local Population Register.

* When applying for a personal ID-number, documents such as Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates issued outside Western Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zeeland, U.S.A and Canada must be legalised with an “Apostille” before they can be approved by the Norwegian authority concerned. Please note that special procedures apply to Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates issued in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Nigeria, Pakistan and Ethiopia.

Please be aware that the application process for a personal number may take several weeks.                                                              

Change of name
Name(s) stated in the passport application must be identical to the one(s) registered in the Norwegian Population Register (‘folkeregisteret’). If this is not the case, the passport application will not be accepted and consequently rejected.

For notification of name change for Norwegians registered as living abroad, please

A) Complete the following form, click here.
B) Write a letter consisting of a single page stating only the following:
1) Your current address.
2) Your old name in full.
3) Your new name in full (underline your surname).
4) Date of birth with personal ID-number (without this number, your notification will not be accepted).
5) Name what type of documentation that you have enclosed with the notification (marriage certificate, statutory declaration or deed poll).
6) Explain that in the UK there is no official authority that grants change of name. According to British regulations it is possible to change one's name on entry into marriage (marriage certificate) or get a statutory declaration or deed poll through a solicitor.
7) Certified true copies of relevant documentation – as stated in number 6 – must be enclosed with the notification. Do not send originals. Certified true copies can be taken at the Consulate general or any of the Honorary Consulates .

and send it to:

Sentralkontoret for folkeregistrering
Postboks 6300 Etterstad
N-0603 Oslo

The processing of name change will normally take about 1 week - excluding postal time to and from Norway, providing the correct information is included with the application.

Norwegians registered as living in Norway,  must send notification of name change to relevant Population Register.  Forms for such a notification may be obtained through the local Population Register or may be downloaded from the internet:

Collection of Norwegian passport
Your new passport may be collected at the Consulate General during Consular opening hours (10-12 am) or at one of our honorary Consulates (by prior appointment only). The new passport will normally be ready for collection 7 - 10 days after the application is lodged with the Consulate General.                                                              

Born outside Norway?
If you are a Norwegian national born abroad, please read carefully section 4 on the first page (old type) or the last page (new type) of your Norwegian passport. 
Emergency passport
You may obtain an emergency passport at the Embassy in London. However, it will only be valid for 3 – three – months and is a manually issued passport (i.e. it is not a machine-readable passport).

It is not possible to apply for an emergency passport through our honorary consulates.

You will need to submit the same application forms and documentation as for a normal passport application. In addition, you should also enclose an explanatory letter.

Norwegian citizenship
The Act of 8 December 1950 relating to Norwegian Nationality contains the provisions which define Norwegian nationality and describe how Norwegian nationality is acquired.

For Norwegians living abroad, it is important to note the following:

If you hold Norwegian citizenship, but were born abroad and have never lived in Norway, you may lose the right to Norwegian citizenship upon reaching the age of 22. You may, however, apply to keep your Norwegian citizenship.

Such an application must be lodged after the age of 21, but before the age of 22 through the nearest Norwegian foreign service mission.

If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you should direct the application to:

The Royal Nowegian Consulate General
86 George Street
Edinburgh, EH2 3BU    

If you live in England or Wales, the application should be directed to:

The Royal Norwegian Embassy
25 Belgrave Square
London, SW1X 8QD                                            

Please note that if you are a second generation Norwegian having been born abroad, it may be more difficult to retain your Norwegian nationality.

Further information concerning Norwegian nationality may be obtained from:

Directorate of Immigration
P.O.Box 8108 Dep.
0032 Oslo
Telephone: 0047 23 35 15 00

The application for retention of Norwegian nationality should be made in the form of a letter, where it is explained why you want to keep your nationality. With the letter, the following must be enclosed:

  • Norwegian passport. If you have never had a Norwegian passport; some other form of identification, such as your British passport
  • Birth Certificate, which states the child’s name and both parents’ names
  • The passport of the parent who is Norwegian
  • A list of all stays/holidays in Norway


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The Norwegian Embassy in London and the Consulate General in Edinburgh are now in a position to accept applications for machine-readable passports.

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