Videos and DVDs

The Consulate General has a number of educational, informative, historc and entertaining videos in its Library.


Edvard Munch-The Norwegian Expressionist (7 copies)

Oslo Live-A portrait of the Capital

Norge I Krig-Programmer 3, 4 og 5

Olympic Venues 94

The Spirit of 94-Lillehammer OL (2 copies)

Sigrid Undset-A portrait (2 copies)

The Sound of Norway-Grieg’s Piano Concerto

Norwegian Notes

Norge Norge-The Unique photo portrait of Norway (2 copies)

Invitation to Norway

The Norwegians (3 copies)

Norway Exports-Pure Quality

WPC 94-14th World Petroleum Congress

Tribute to Svalbard (2 copies)

Norway and the Polar Regions

Stock shots of the Norwegian Royal Family

The Rock and the tree-Building of Norway

Flight of the Eagle-Norway’s Environmental position

The Ekofisk Story

They did it Norway-Norwegian Trade Council

Gas from Norway-Statoil (2 copies)

Ship and Marine Technology

Stasjonsjefmøte 1990 Del 1 og del 2

Griegfantasies-Norwegian Dance OP.35 & Norwegian paintings (2 copies)

Energy-A Theme for Life-An Ode to modern Norway

Norway Exports-Pure Quality (3 Copies)

Norway-An Oil & Gas Nation




Norway-Country of Contrast

Din Stemmer Teller-Om Medlemskap I den Europeiske Union

The Dragon and the Cross

Women in Power-A Portrait of Norwegian Politicians

DNT’s Vintervideo

Timber in Competition

Klart Skip-Marinen I Krig 1939-1945

Royal Memories-Welcome to our City

Norge Rundt

Follow the Moonstone-TV Version

Ski Voss (2 copies)

Britain Welcomes the King of Norway


A Journey through Fjord Norway

Action Stations

The Scandinavian Lights

Norway on the Cutting Edge

The Sami People

Norwegian Coastal Voyage

Immortal Ibsen

Edinburgh International Conference Centre

An Orkney Symphony

Scotlands Parliament-Your Choice

Britons at War 2-The Story of Lili Marlene



Impressions of Norway

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Olympic Games in Norway 1994

Sigrid Undset