Baktruppen UK tour

 Date:15/10/2004 - 28/10/2004
 Type:Culture, Performance
 Location:Liverpool, Lancaster, Bedford, Glasgow

Baktruppen is a group of Norwegian artists who enjoy making performances together. They started off in 1986 as a theatre project but soon developed into an artistic wonderland where anything could happen

Baktruppen are a Norwegian national resource, proven and refined over 18 years of global critical success, their work floating freely between categories, always challenging, innovative and creative.

Baktruppen tour:

  • 15 / 16 Oct Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool. Concerning the ubiquity of carpets in public spaces in the UK, specifically in the Adelphi Hotel, this work seeks to explore Liverpool's built environment and history
  • 20 Oct Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster
  • 23 Oct Bowen West Theatre, De Montfort Bedford
  • 26 Nov ICA, London
  • 27 / 28 Nov CCA, Glasgow

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