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The most comprehensive online directory of Norway's cultural sector ever produced, Visiting Arts Norway Cultural Profile, was officially launched by Ambassador Tarald Brautaset on 5 April at the Ambassador's Residence

06/05/2005 :: The Cultural Profile is a searchable website database designed to encourage international cultural exchange and collaboration between the Norwegian cultural sector, the United Kingdom and the world.

Unique online directory of Norway's cultural sector
This Cultural Profile is the most comprehensive online directory of Norway’s cultural sector ever produced - there are detailed entries ranging from national museums and galleries to independent artist studios, from multi-cultural jazz festivals to small-scale touring theatre companies.

More than just a listing
Alongside the directory listings is an overview of Norwegian society and history, a short review of cultural policy and infrastructure, followed by in-depth studies of the arts and cultural sectors themselves, their development, current practice and significant features.

Designed for a broad range of users
The Profile is intended to give the general enquirer, the professional arts manager or the academic a comprehensive picture of the Norwegian cultural sector. Finally, the international exchange section provides information on developing international collaborations with Norwegian artists, in Norway and worldwide.

Visit the Visiting Arts Norway Cultural Profile here:

The Norway Cultural Profile was created by Visiting Arts, the UK’s national agency for promoting the flow of international art into the country. The Profile was funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in London. It forms part of a series of 9 profiles to be launched online during the next six months, including Slovenia, Scotland, Afghanistan, Viet Nam, Egypt and Lebanon.

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Kjell Erik Killi Olsen, 'The Man from the Sea'Photo: Vegard Moen

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