Nemi appears weekly on the Norwegian Embassy website!

A million Brits already wake up with Nemi each morning on the train whilst flicking through their copy of the Metro newspaper, and in 2007 Nemi was released in book form in the UK. Now the Norwegian comic star has her weekly strip on this website.

Nemi, the vegetarian, cynical/romantic, hilariously honest twenty-something Goth, has been available with a new strip weekly on the Norwegian Embassy website since 10 March. Hang out in the pub with Nemi and her friends, including her flatmate, the blue-haired Cyan. Hear her opinions on romance and dating, watch her watch TV in her untidy flat, learn how she feels about birch trees, spiders and blondes, and generally experience the highs and lows of being Nemi in the modern world!

Named after Italy’s ancient (and supposedly enchanted) Lake Nemi and fictional hero Inigo Montoya of The Princess Bride (one of Myhre’s favourite films), Lise Myhre’s Nemi is a Goth-tinged heroine for the modern twenty-something. Already a superstar in Europe, Nemi also has a daily circulation of over one million in the UK, where her strips appear in the morning Metro paper across 16 major cities.

Created when Myhre ‘set out to find an imaginary friend’, Nemi has struck a chord across borders both geographical and linguistic, and both Nemi and her look-alike creator are now growing in popularity in the English-speaking world, as Titan launched the hilarious book in October 2007 – Nemi’s first ever English-language collection – filled with her trademark dry wit and independent take on the world.

Lise Myhre is the artist and writer of Nemi, and also designs CD covers and illustrates books. She lives in her native Norway.


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Nemi, created by Lise Myhre, is read by a million Brits each morning.

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