Possible Viking boat burial site found

Europe's foremost authority on Viking ships, Professor Arne Emil Christensen, is among the experts who are excited over artefacts that have been uncovered by amateur metal detectors in York. The discovery, which includes a collection of 9th century clinch nails that are used on Viking longships has raised hopes that it could be the site of a Viking boat burial.

26/02/2004 :: Archaeologist Simon Holes has said that "If this is indeed the case, it will be the first Viking boat burial site discovered in England and therefore one of the most important Viking discoveries ever made in the British Isles."

"I believe this is a burial of a trader-warrior who when he wasn't fighting was involved in commercial activities across the Viking world."

The find was made in a ploughed riverside field, whose exact location is not being made public, by detectors who followed the regulations designed to protect archaeological sites.

After being displayed at the Yorkshire Museum, the items will be taken to the British Museum for further study.

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The Gokstad ship was found in a large burial mound at the Gokstad farm in Sandar, Vestfold in 1880

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