Norwegian animation conquers the big screen

The short animated film 'Peter and the Wolf', co-produced by the Norwegian company Storm Studio, won an Oscar in 2008. In recent years, several Norwegian animated films have made their mark on the international film scene.

In 2007, Norwegian animator Torill Kove won an Oscar for her short film 'The Danish Poet'. That same year, Christopher Nielsen’s debut film 'Free Jimmy' won the top prize at the prestigious animation film festival in Annecy.

'Peter and the Wolf' is the brainchild of British director Suzie Templeton, and Storm Studio in Norway has co-produced the film along with Polish Se-ma-for Studio and British Breathru Films. The half-hour film tells the story of Peter, who is not afraid of anything, and of the dangerous wolf he meets: a story immortalised in Prokofiev’s musical fairytale.

Storm Studio has specialised in 3D animation, and the company is also behind the major production 'Free Jimmy', which took the main prize at one of the world’s most important animation film festivals in Annecy.
The film tells the story of the depressive elephant Jimmy and his four companions, Roy Arnie, Odd, Gaz and Flea. The gang is touring with a down-at-heel Russian circus, where Jimmy is the main attraction.

Roy Arnie has a dream of starting his own circus, and he is convinced that Jimmy is the key to success. On the opening night there is widespread panic in the circus, and Jimmy escapes. His four friends then embark on a reckless road-trip in the hope of finding him.

In Torill Kove’s film 'The Danish Poet' we follow Kaspar, a poet who is lost for ideas. He travels to Norway to meet his great heroine, the legendary Norwegian writer Sigrid Undset. The film is produced by Lise Fearnley of Mikrofilm AS, in cooperation with the National Film Board of Canada.

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Peter and the WolfPhoto: Norwegian Film Institute

Free JimmyPhoto: Storm Studio

The Danish PoetPhoto: Norwegian Film Institute

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