Business relations between Norway and the UK

28/01/2004 :: The UK market is very attractive for Norwegians for several reasons. Due to the geographical short distance between Norway and the UK, a relatively small language barrier, and also the large size of the UK market, Norwegians are keen to establish business relationships with Britons.

Other advantages in the UK market, from a Norwegian perspective, include a skilled and adaptable workforce, low corporate taxes, innovative market, efficient communications and distribution systems, and also the financial centre of Europe. Companies based in the UK also have a good foundation for doing business globally especially due to the well developed communications system.

The UK is Norway’s third largest trade partner after Sweden and Germany, which means that the UK takes approximately 20% of the total Norwegian exports. Norway was the UK’s 16th largest trade partner in 2001. Important British-Norwegian trade sectors include the timber industry, fishing industry, oil and gas industry, building and construction industry and IT and telecommunications industry.

Please click here for graphics on British-Norwegian business relations for 2003.

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