Maritime Industry

Photo: Sæplast Norge AS 

Norway is Europe’s most diversified maritime nation and commands worldwide respect for its shipping expertise, equipment and ability to exploit new market niches. Norway’s overall maritime economy – an expanding cluster of industries linked to shipping and the aquaculture industry – encompasses an increasingly wide variety of products and services.

Specialized Shipyards
Norway’s shipbuilding industry comprises more than 50 internationally competitive, technically advanced small and medium-sized shipyards. The industry focuses largely on ship repair and the construction of specialized vessels including ro-ros, chemical tankers, advanced fishing vessels, reefers, offshore supply ships, high-speed catamarans, cable-laying ships and seismic exploration vessels.

State-of-the-art Ship’s & Fishing Gear
Norway’s ship’s gear industry has developed alongside the steady growth of the Norwegian fleet. Ship’s gear manufacturers offer a vast range of state-of-the-art products – from deck winches and vessel lighting solutions to the most advanced electronic cargo handling and stability systems. Specialized equipment for coastal and deep-sea fishing vessels represents another important niche. Durable, modern fishing gear such as purse seine nets, gill nets, motors, winches, cranes and fish-handling gear, as well as advanced navigational, thruster and manoeuvring systems, make it possible for fishermen to locate, harvest and transport their catch as efficiently as possible.

Aquaculture Equipment
For the past three decades, the Norwegian aquaculture industry has been at the forefront of global developments. Norway’s aquaculture outfitters have developed and are producing a wide array of fish farming equipment, including breeding, caging and feeding systems, monitoring equipment and fish processing technology.

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