Photo: Statoilhydro.

Norway is the second-largest net exporter of gas and the seventh-largest exporter of oil in the world. The industry accounts for a third of state income (2008 figures). Around 140,000 people are employed by petroleum-related businesses, and the knock-on effects on other industries are considerable. Read more

Norway is Europe’s most diversified maritime nation and commands worldwide respect for its shipping expertise, equipment and ability to exploit new market niches. Norway’s overall maritime economy – an expanding cluster of industries linked to shipping and the aquaculture industry – encompasses an increasingly wide variety of products and services. Specialized Shipyards Norway’s shipbuilding... Read more

Photo: Siv Nærø/Innovation Norway .

Norway literally has a sea of opportunities The rich resources of its fjords and seas have played an important part in the economies of Norway’s coastal regions and, if they are to be maintained for the future, it is important to exploit them in a way that both safeguards marine diversity and results in the desired value creation. Various important and profitable activities are linked to the se... Read more

In 2005, Norway exported services for approximately NOK 193 billion (approximately EUR 24 billion), roughly half of which (42 per cent) was accounted for by the shipping industry. All in all, services account for just under one quarter (22 per cent) of Norway’s total exports. The utilisation of Norway’s rich natural resources presents enormous challenges. A harsh climate, long winters, difficul... Read more

The information and communications technology (ICT) industry has become Norway’s new flagship. It is now Norway’s second-largest land-based industry by turnover, and not only creates wealth, but is also a vital supplier to other businesses and the public sector. The industry encompasses a wide variety of high-tech companies that create new telecommunications, hardware, software, and industrial... Read more

Norway offers a growing range of finished products and consumer goods on the international market. The combination of natural materials and traditional craftsmanship has given Norwegian goods a reputation for quality and reliability. Numerous small and medium-sized companies produce a broad assortment of products, from furniture and specialty foods to leisure craft and outdoor equipment. Most... Read more

In the course of a century, Norway has evolved from a quiet agrarian society to a dynamic, high-tech country with a prominent international position. Norway is one of the world’s largest oil exporters, and is among the world leaders in a wide range of industries, such as aquaculture, maritime industries, hydropower, the environment, energy, technology and telecommunications. Historically, most... Read more

Norway is a major producer of hydropower. Nearly one third of this power is used in the production of metals, chemicals, petrochemicals, mineral products, paper and pulp. Norway’s process industry is the country’s largest land-based export sector. The nearly exclusive use of hydropower allows Norway to operate its facilities more economically and cleanly than most other countries. Metals Norway... Read more