Date: 18 September 2009 09:00 - 31 October 2009 14:00
Location: Marsden Woo Gallery
Category:  Arts & Crafts

Sometimes size does matter…

Marit Tingleff shows a collection of dramatic painted dishes, some of which are over 1.5 metres across.

Celebrated Norwegian ceramicist Marit Tingleff, whose dramatic painted dishes measures up to 1.5 meter, will exhibit together with her British colleague Alison Britton at the Marsden Woo Gallery in London.

Alison Britton and Marit Tingleff are significant figures among a generation of artists who emerged during the mid to late 1970s to establish a range of fresh ambitions for ceramics as an independent art practice. An interest that both artists share is to develop a dialogue with their chosen materials, to be able to embrace and respond creatively to unforeseen events.

Marit Tingleff shows a collection of dramatic painted dishes, some of which are over 1.5 metres across. While retaining ideas of domestic ware and connections to the tradition of ornament, her work demonstrates significant painterly and sculptural sensibilities. The vitality of her work arises from a series of tensions, not only those of their craft/art aspects, but from other intriguing contrasts such the balance that she achieves between areas of light and shade, or in sections of dense mark-making and colour offset by fields of erasure. There is always a strong sense of the exploration of possibilities, where ideas and intentions have undergone a process of revision until they have been fully resolved.

The new works by Alison Britton extend her thinking about the control and non-control of material and skill, as well as her interest in the value of imperfection. Ideas of risk and uncertainty are explored in a new approach to colour, where fluid glaze is allowed to subjugate more controlled applications of slip and underglaze pigment. Her distinctive pots and dishes carry references to both architectural and domestic forms and reflect her enduring interest in objects that express complex cultural overlaps. They are informed by an affinity with the chaotic complexity of cities like Istanbul, where east meets west, a fascination additionally fuelled through reading novels by Turkish authors. Reflecting on her approach she has written: ‘I am interested in seeing how fiction might alter form.’

Marit Tingleff (b. 1954) studied at the College of Art & Design, Bergen, Norway (1974 - 77). In addition to regular exhibitions of her work throughout Scandinavia she has shown in the Netherlands, the USA, Australia and Japan. Examples of her work can be found in numerous public collections including the Danish Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen; The National Museum, Oslo; and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. She lectures in both Scandinavia and the UK. This will be her first major exhibition in London.


17-18 Great Sutton Street
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