Date: 06 February 2010 12:00 - 04 March 2010 20:00
Location: London

You've got unfinished business?

Works by Norwegian artist Stian Ådlandsvik will be displayed at the Waterside Project in London.

An exciting exhibition at the Waterside Project Space in February will showcase amongst others the works of a Norwegian artist.

Stian Ådlandsvik from Oslo will present two works at the exhibition 'Unfinished Business' in East London along with seven other international artists.

The director Pierre d'Alancaisez has created an exhibition where something is missing: it lacks a punchline. The works extend aesthetic and semiotic gestures - we feel that something is being given to us, but ultimately notice the messages are blanks, signs without words. But the promise is seductive, and we find ourselves going along with it - and we are forced to make our own resolutions.

In addition to Ådlansvik, Kevin Schmidt, Kiera Blakey, Kama Sokolnicka, Leo Babsky, Robert Emmet Dunne and Pierre d’Alancaisez will exhibit their works at the gallery.

Unfinished Business
6 February– 4 March 2010
Waterside Project Space
44-48 Wharf Rd
London N1 7UX
Thursdays - Saturdays, 12-6pm
Sundays 12-4pm
other times by appointment

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