Date:  11 March 2011 - 17 April 2011 17:30
Category:  Exhibition

From Bauhaus to Hollybush Gardens

The Norwegian design artist, Knut Henrik Henriksen, will exhibit his architectural influenced design at the Hollybush Gardens in March. His designs have received international acclaim, and in 2009 his work ‘full circle’ was chosen as the first permanent artwork to be installed in London Underground since the 1980s.

Architecture is Henriksen’s inspiration. Much of his practice consists of activity that includes measuring rooms, revealing structure and using the ‘line’ to express and to reformulate volume. These aspects form the foundation of Henriksen’s architectonic commentary.

At the Hollybush Gardens, Henriksen will exhibit his piece Sticks to measure volume (Hollybush Gardens) to be rebuilt somewhere else. It consists of two wooden poles and different colour tape. The piece is both a sculpture and a tool. It provides a measuring system that is able to quantify volume, in this instance Henriksen has used the poles to measure Hollybush Gardens, where the colour tape holds the key to the specifics of the gallery.

His work represents a potential and an action, an action that navigates past and present, suggesting the possibility of re-building the space somewhere else.

As you will see at the exhibition, Henriksen always try to provoke the standard architectural norms and rules, and he is a big fan of pushing the limits of mass-produced materials. This time he has used specific wallpaper that by now is decidedly out of favour in modern interior design and DIY culture. Originally the wallpaper was designed by Bauhaus as an ingenious solution to covering damaged walls.

His work is said to always be embedded with meaning. It enables us to invest in the transformation that occurs when the material becomes an art work - where the size and spacing of the wood chip leaps from the prosaic to the aesthetic, whilst the social history of the object adds a human dimension.

Knut Henrik Henriksen at Hollybush Gardens Gallery
11 March - 17 April, 12noon – 6 pm
10 – 14 Hollybush Gardens
London E2 9QP

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