Date:  14 March 2013 18:00 - 20 April 2013 18:00
Category:  Exhibition

Elin Høyland - The Brothers and Other Stories

The Brothers, a project by Norwegian photographer Elin Høyland, is on show in Luton's Departure Lounge between 15th March and 20th April.

Having commenced her career in photojournalism, Høyland has been developing insightful portraiture projects based on long term engagement with her subjects since the early 2000s.

While developing a project entitled ‘Twos’ (portraits of two people with a deep and generally longstanding relationship to each other) she became aware of two brothers Harald and Matthias Ramen (aged 75 and 80) living in an isolated hamlet in central Norway and eking out an austere, meditative, even existentialist way of life in a starkly beautiful landscape, which the 20th century seems to have bypassed.

Using her camera almost as a ‘passport’ into the brothers’ austere domain Høyland as photographer is the almost unnoticed observer of daily life in this insular private domain.
Høyland’s work, which is reproduced in an accompanying book produced by Dewi Lewis
Publishing is informed by a documentary imperative – the urge to tell a story and to shine lights into dark corners – but delivered with the insights and engagement of a practitioner freed from the urgent deadlines of photojournalism and newspaper copy dates.

Elin Høyland - The Brothers and Other Stories at Departure Lounge

Fri, 15th March - Sat, 20th April
Open Thu, Fri, Sat, 2-6pm
Opening reception 14th March, 7-9pm

Departure Lounge
61 George Street, Luton

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