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Here you will find information on how to apply for a visa to Norway. British citizens travelling to Norway on holiday do not require a visa.

03/01/2007 :: Please be informed that from 19 July 2004  an appointment system was introduced at the Embassy. 

The telephone number to call  is 09065 540 725 and is a 24 hour automated visa appointment service. Visa applicants MUST call this number to make an appointment to submit their applications. 

Applicants residing in Scotland or Northern Ireland should not use this number, but call the Consulate General in Edinburgh on 0131 226 5701 or apply in person during the Visa Hours (Mon-Fri, 10am-12noon).

Special procedures will apply to diplomatic/service passport holders from missions based in The United Kingdom and spouses of Norwegian nationals.


Information to visa applicants   


Information to visa applicants                         

The Norwegian Embassy has recently found it necessary to tighten the rules with regards to documents/documentation required both before and after a visa has been granted.

Applicants who fail to produce the required documentation after a visa has been granted, will be refused a visa. Norway's Schengen-partners will be informed of any visa rejections.

Please note that visa applications received by post will not be given priority. All visas must be collected at the mission where the application was lodged, either at the Embassy or at the Consulate General.


How to apply for a visa                                [top]

If you would like to apply for a visa to Norway, you may obtain a visa application form by clicking HERE.

Pending the purpose of your journey to Norway, you will need to submit the following documentation when lodging your application:

  • Your passport or travel document. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 3 – three – months beyond your intended stay in Norway and that the passport has a blank page for a visa sticker. If you intend to return to the UK after your stay in Norway, you must make sure that your visa/permit for the UK is valid for at least 3 – three – months beyond your stay in Norway.
  • Two recent colour passport size photographs.
  • For a visit to your family/friends: Original letter of invitation, evidence of accommodation.
  • For business trips: Letter of invitation from your foreign business partner explaining the nature and duration of stay applied for and whether it involves single, double or multiple entries (and evidence of accommodation, e.g. confirmed hotel reservation).
  • Evidence of occupation/student status: Proof of your current occupation in the UK, e.g. an original letter from your employer, your solicitor etc. If you are unemployed, your social benefit booklet. If you are a student in the UK: an original letter from your school or university confirming your status/attendance.
  • Evidence that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay, e.g. original recent bank statement, traveller's cheques, credit cards with credit limit statement. Please note that cash is not accepted.
  • Visa application fee: £40. Payment must be made in cash, cheque supported by bank garantee card or in postal orders when lodging the application.

Please note that in some cases further documents and guarantees may be required, such as evidence of accommodation, hotel reservation, etc.

The processing time of a visa depends on each individual case.

Visas are issued free of charge to spouses or decendants of EU or EEA nationals. Relevant documentation such as original Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate (showing both parents’ names), and the dependants/spouses EU/EEA passports must be presented in such cases.


Holders of British (brown) travel document (Certificate of Identity)

Visa applicants holding British Certificate of Identity must - upon lodging an application - be able to produce the latest letter received from British Home Office confirming his/her status in the United Kingdom. The "Home Office letter" is an additional requirement to the normal requirements stated earlier on in this page.


Where to apply?

If you live in Scotland or Northern-Ireland, please contact the Norwegian Consulate General in Edinburgh. The address and telephone number is:

Royal Norwegian Consulate General
86 George Street
Edinburgh, EH2 3BU
Telephone number: 0131 – 226 57 01

If you live in London or the London-area, you will need to apply in person. The address is:

Royal Norwegian Embassy
Consular Section (entrance in basement)
25 Belgrave Square
London, SW1X 8QD
Telephone number: 020 7591 55 00

Nearest underground: Hyde Park Corner or Victoria

If you live far away from London or Edinburgh, you may lodge the application by post (special delivery). However, do note that visas must be collected at the Embassy during Consular opening hours, which are from Monday to Friday, between 10am and 12noon.

If you are not a resident in the UK, you should apply for a Schengen visa to the Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence.

If you want to visit one Schengen country, apply for visa to the Embassy or Consulate of that country. If you want to visit several Schengen countries, apply to the Embassy or Consulate of the country of your main destination. If you intend to visit several Schengen countries but do not have a main destination, you should apply to the Embassy or Consulate of the Schengen country of your first port of entry.                                                                                             [top]



What is a Schengen Visa?

General Information regarding the Schengen Agreement

Please note that this visa information only applies to short-term visas for up to 3 months.
From 25th March 2001 Norway became part of the Schengen co-operation. This has had an impact on applications for visas. Generally, a visa for one of the countries in the Schengen area will be valid for a stay in all the other Schengen countries during the period for which the visa is valid. Over a period of six months, you are not permitted to spend more than a total of three months in the Schengen area.

Schengen visas are issued by: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

If you are not sure whether you require a visa to visit a particular Schengen country, please call the Schengen information line of the Embassy of that particular Schengen country. If you need further information regarding a visa for Norway, please call the Embassy, telephone number 020 7591 5500, or the Consulate General, telephone number 0131 2265701.

The issue of Schengen visas is discretionary and depends on examination of each individual case, including purpose of visit and intention to return. If you intend to visit one of the Schengen countries for business, as a tourist or for personal/private visit, you must first obtain a Schengen visa. This enables you to visit any of, and move freely within, all of the above mentioned countries during one trip within the validity of the visa.


Countries whose citizens do not require visa

A visa is not required, among others, for:

  • Nordic citizens
  • Foreign nationals with a valid passport from countries with which Norway has entered into a agreement waiving the visa requirement
  • Persons with a valid Norwegian immigrant's passport
  • Persons with a valid Norwegian travel document for refugees
  • Persons with a residence permit in Norway

A visitor's visa may be granted for a tourist visit, family visit, official business, business trip, study visit or other purpose. A visitor's visa has a maximum duration of three months.
The application form for a visitor's visa may be obtained at a Norwegian foreign service mission in the applicant's country of residence. It can also be
printed from the internet.

To check whether you need to apply for a visa, please click here.                [top]

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