Winter and Summer Sports

Norwegian children take part in a mixture of sports and physical activities all year round. Schools usually offer lots of summer activities as well as winter sports. In the summer when the days are longer, outdoor activities include football, handball, basketball, ahtletics, cycling, swimming and diving.

The world’s largest football tournament is held every summer in the capital city, Oslo. The Norway Cup attacts more than 24 000 boys and girls aged from 10 to 18, from over 35 countries . You can find out more about this event at

In the winter, indoor gymnastics, ball games and athletics are still popular, but there are more snow-based activities to choose from as well. At least one school day a year is an official 'ski day', and most Norwegian children have their own skis and ice-skates. Cross-country skiing is the most popular form of skiing, followed by alpine skiing (downhill or ‘slalom’) and ski-jumping. Some children build their own ski-jumps by packing down snow to make a ramp to ski off.

Popular ice-based activities include speed-skating, ice dancing and ice hockey. Other popular winter activities include tobogganing, making snow-caves or snow-castles and building snowmen! All the practice at these winter sports has paid off, as Norway is one of the most successful countries in the world at events such as speed-skating, cross-country and alpine skiing, curling and ice-hockey.


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Did You Know?

Norway has held the Winter Olympic Games twice. The first time was in 1952 in Oslo. The second time was in 1994 at Lillehammer, when they were the first Olympic Games to announce live results via the internet!