Geography and Climate

You may think that because Norway is so far north, it would be a very cold country. But even though it has mostly cold winters with lots of snow, Norway also has warm, sunny summers. In fact, the range of weather in Norway is quite similar to that of the UK.

The large reserves of oil and gas under the North Sea have made Norway a rich country that looks after its people well. Investment in clean and renewable energy sources has helped to make Norway number one on the United Nations' list of the best countries to live in for eight years running. Read more

Photo: Svein Wik/ NTB scanpix  .

Norway has four quite distinct seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter - all of them roughly equal in length and with their own special characteristics. Read more

Photo: Arild Lyssand/MFA Norway  .

Norway is a long and narrow country with a long coastline and lots of inlets called fjords. Because of the length of the country, there are great differences in the weather between northern and southern Norway. The country is also divided into four regions, each with different features. Read more

Around 40% of the land in Norway is above the Arctic Circle. In the summer, this area experiences the midnight sun and in the winter, the polar night. During the winter, there is an amazing natural phenomenon called the northern lights. Read more