Date: 15 September 2013 12:30 - 23:30

Aadnevik at London Fashion Week

The highly anticipated new Spring 2014 collection by Norwegian born, London based Kristian Aadnevik will be revealed as part of London Fashion Week on September 15th.

After finishing his education at the Royal College of Art in 2002, Kristian Aadnevik has regularly presented his designs internationally. The Norwegian designer first received critical acclaim when he produced a show in Milan in collaboration with the fashionista queen Donatella Versace.  Aadnevik’s work history has been packed with prestigious names such as Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli, Charles Jordan and Harrods International.

Aandnevik's portfolio include working with Rihanna and Beyonce, and, his luxury hand-made garments have recently caught the eye of the young starlet Selena Gomez. The actress, turned singer, chose to sport one of Aadnevik’s more revealing pieces in her music video debut of “Come & Get It”. Thus, this dress has become infamous after the shots were made public of Selena in the silk chiffon gown, rolling around in a field of bluebells. “The phones would not stop ringing, everyone wanted a piece of Selena’s glamour” says Kristian on the subject. 

The leather obsessed Aadnevik has created a signature look involving themes of opulence, gloom and glamour. His ethereal Arizonian heroine has two faces, the angelic and the gothic dark side. The new collection takes inspiration from the natural world, in particular the shimmering desert scenery.

Currently it’s all hands on deck in the Knightsbridge workshop as one-by-one each new garment is finalized, fitted, and hung ready for fashion week, and on September 15th the designer will show his new collection.

Read more at Kristian Aadnevik's webpage.

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