Date:  23 January 2014 - 01 March 2014

Site Related

Two new site-specific art works by Anders Sletvold Moe will be on show at Centre for Recent Drawing in January and February. The exhibition has the title Site Related and is the Oslo-based artist's first solo exhibition in London.

The works in the show are conceived from Sletvold Moe’s solitary visit to the gallery space, where he began his conceptual and visual studies of the space. Taking these enquires back to his studio in Oslo, he decided to create two new site-specific works that take the exterior geometric metal grid pattern of the single gallery window as it’s starting point. Sletvold Moe is not concerned with concealing the window as a referent nor does he attempt to steer the viewer away from affiliations his works have with the window, but rather attention is drawn to the potential capabilities contained within an architectural feature.

In the work black out/block out, a double visual layer is created through the reflection of a window that is cast on the opposite side of the gallery space and falls upon a black plexiglas mirror. This is contrasted with Sletvold Moe’s use of paint, where a grid sequence contained within the glossy surface has been mapped to take the form of the window's grid structure. 

Untitled (window for Blinky Palermo) is a new work in an ongoing series were Sletvold Moe pays homage to the work of artists that have influenced his practice. Here Sletvold Moe refers us to Fenster I by the German artist Blinky Palermo (1943-1977), highlighting the artist's distinct and intuitive approach to space and surface.

Recent and upcoming solo exhibitions by Sletvold Moe includes The Vigeland Museum, Oslo (upcoming March 2014), Galleri Gann, Sandnes, Norway (upcoming September 2014), Galerie Odile Ouizeman, Paris, 2012.

Sletvold Moe is represented by Gallery Elastic, Malmö and Galerie Odile Ouizeman, Paris.

Site Related: Anders Sletvold Moe at C4RD

24 Jan - 1 March
Thur - Sat, 1 - 6pm
Opening Reception: Wed 23 Jan, 6 - 9pm

2 - 4 Highbury Station Road, Highbury Islington, London.

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