Date:  07 February 2014 - 28 March 2014

Ørnulf Opdahl at University Gallery Newcastle

"Kviteggen". Photo: Peder Otto Dybvik.

Experience the tension within the Nordic landscape from Ørnulf Opdahl’s new paintings at the University Gallery in Newcastle between 7 February and 28 March.

Strongly influenced by the sublime sense of place so evident in the magnificent coastal landscape of his native West Norway, Ørnulf Opdahl’s powerfully scaled paintings draw upon and develop stimulating currents from both his own Norwegian landscape tradition and the philosophical or spiritual concerns of much post -1945 abstract art.  Reflecting upon these empty, overwhelming Nordic landscapes, his instinct is not to describe or depict it, but to create moods which suggest its latent power.


Indeed when Robert Rosenblum, in discussing Edvard Munch, wrote Munch’s sensitivity to the extremes of nature’s forces, “first the extinction of light in the long, dark and cold winter, and then the dramatic resurrection of the sun which reigns during the summer months, deep into the night” he could equally have been invoking Opdahl. His intense, lyrically charged work projects the sort of enkindled presence of the elements – earth and fire, wind and water – which is only to be encountered in the Far North.

The exhibition is open Tuesday to Friday 10am – 6pm, Saturday and Sunday 12 – 6pm. Admission is free.

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