Date:  08 July 2014 - 12 October 2014

Matthias Härenstam at Whitechapel Gallery

A film by Norwegian artist Matthias Härenstam will be screened at the Whitechapel Gallery over the summer. Härenstam is chosen as one of the participants in Whitechapel's Artists Film International programme - where his film will be showcased alongside the work of four other artists from around the world.

Mattias Härenstam’s Reconstruction (2013) re-enacts a series of events in an unresolved suicide case, captured through a single aerial shot. The static camera is positioned high above, neutrally recording the events from a distance - almost like a surveillance camera.

Hear Marit Soini (Norwegian Film magazine Z) describing the experience of both shock and clarity that she experienced while viewing the film:

We are introduced to an ordinary afternoon in a suburban housing row where people come driving home from work and we soon discover that something terrible is happening right in front of our eyes. We become passive spectators without access to any more information than the image that the camera shows us, and we can only imagine what happens. And exactly this is the geniality of the film.

EXHIBITION Artists Film International
DATES 8 July - 12 October, Tue - Sun, 11am - 6pm
LOCATION Zilkha Auditorium, Whitechapel Gallery

Read more about the showcase here

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