Date:  16 October 2014 - 19 October 2014

Kjell Folkvord at The Other Art Fair

Colours are the letters in visual artist Kjell Folkvord's language. A series of his paintings, prints and colours on paper will be on show at The Other Art Fair in October.

"My paintings are usually colourful. The colours are the letters in my painting’s language. They are syllables more than they represent reality in the world. I usually try to tell a story, and the image I have in my mind or memory, in my emotional layers. And when I do paint and work with a colour, this colour starts asking for a friend of his and I have to find it, or mix it. This is perhaps humanising the colours but that is how I sometimes feel."
- Excerpt from Kjell Folkvords Artistic Statement

Kjell Folkvord at the Other Art Fair

16 - 19 Oct
The Old Truman Brewery
Brick Lane
London E16QL

Tickets and further information

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