Brexit and the future of EU/EEA citizens in the United Kingdom.

Information from the Norwegian Embassy regarding the UK's decision to leave the EU.


A referendum was held in the United Kingdom on the 23rd of June 2016 on whether the United Kingdom should remain or leave the EU.

The majority voted to leave and the United Kingdom will initiate the process of leaving the EU in March 2017 by triggering Article 50.


How will this affect me?

The Norwegian Embassy in London receives numerous questions in regards to the future of EU/EEA citizens in the United Kingdom. What the UK leaving the EU will mean for EU/EEA citizens and companies will not be known until negotiations are concluded.

The Embassy cannot therefore at this point in time say, if visas or work permits will be needed in the future to visit, study or work in the UK. Nor do we know under which conditions EU/EEA-citizens can stay permanently in the UK.


What now?

You may want to apply for an EU registration certificate, which confirms your right to live in the UK.

There are two ways of applying for a Registration Certificate; paper or online. A paper application involves sending your passport to the Home Office for a period of six months or more. However, if you are concerned about sending your passport away for an extended period, kindly note that if you use the online application form, you will not need to submit your passport, but can instead use the European passport return service:

The Embassy notes that it will not issue extra passports for the purpose of sending a paper application and recommends the option of an electronic application and the use of the European passport return service.

Should you wish to await the outcome of the exit negotiations before applying for a residence permit we can meanwhile recommend that you start collecting documentation such as utility bills, pay slips, bank statements etc. for future resident/visa permits.

Please read more in regards to a Registration Certificate here:


Further reading and information:

Here you can read more on the status of EU/EEA citizens in the UK:

Should your question not be already answered and you have any further questions please contact the Consular Section on


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