Tackling Hate Speech: Living Together Online

How to tackle and combat hate speech online? This important question will be discussed at a two-day international conference in Budapest from 27th-28th November. The conference is organised by the Council of Europe and the EEA and Norway Grants together with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland and chairman of the Open Society Institute George Soros are the keynote speakers. Closing remarks are given by the Norwegian State Secretary Torgeir Larsen.

The aim of the conference is to look at the nature and extent of hate speech in today’s Europe – especially online – and to discuss different ways of tackling intolerance whilst defending free speech.

The conference hears a number of different viewpoints, including from researchers, online activists against hate speech and relevant NGOs including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Network Against Cyber-Hate. Facebook’s head of European policy will also be speaking at the event, as will representatives of the “traditional” media and international organisations including the United Nations and the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency.

Watch the conference on the live web-cast either at

Engage in the debate on twitter by using #speaknohate

For a full overview of program and relevant documents, visit: www.coe.int

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