Date Article
07/11/2007 Grieg for young and old alike.
07/11/2007 Lighting of the Christmas Tree
07/11/2007 Norwegian Christmas Fair
30/10/2007 Christmas Dinner and Dance at The Balmoral Hotel
30/10/2007 Advent Concert in St Giles' Cathedral
26/10/2007 Grieg 100
25/10/2007 Forsikring i utlandet
19/10/2007 Supporting documents for Specialists
19/10/2007 Supporting documents for family members of EU or EEA nationals
19/10/2007 Supporting documents
18/10/2007 Norwegian Films to be screened at Document 5
09/10/2007 Upcoming Christmas Events
05/10/2007 Largs Viking Festival announces new Patron
04/10/2007 Tord Gustavsen Trio back in Scotland for new tour
03/10/2007 Northern Lights: Building better childhoods in Norway
03/10/2007 Passports
13/09/2007 Lokalvalget i Norge 2007
13/09/2007 Local election in Norway 2007
27/08/2007 Compensation for diving on the Norwegian Continental Shelf 1965-1990
23/08/2007 Bergen Emboushoure Ensamble
23/08/2007 A Doll's House from a new angle
20/08/2007 Norwegian courses in Open Studies at the University of Edinburgh
20/08/2007 Are you ready to rock?
14/08/2007 Grieg's Scottish ancestry celebrated
10/08/2007 Dumfries WW2 Commemoration
09/08/2007 Largs Viking Festival
07/08/2007 The story of Bamse in Arbroath
07/08/2007 Erik Reinert at the Edinburgh International Book Festival
07/08/2007 K O Dahl & Jo Nesbø at the Edinburgh International Book Festival
24/07/2007 Seasonal Work
24/07/2007 Working Holiday
19/07/2007 Subject Access Request
18/07/2007 Family Immigration
18/07/2007 Students
18/07/2007 Specialists
18/07/2007 EU / EEA Citizens
12/07/2007 Terje Stensvold at the Edinburgh International Festival
11/07/2007 Consulate General closed Monday 16th of July
11/07/2007 Artist in residence, Kristiansand, Norway
10/07/2007 Eva Joly at the Edinburgh International Book Festival
09/07/2007 Fride Klykken at the Edinburgh Art Festival
02/07/2007 Phoenix Wind Band performs Grieg in Edinburgh
02/07/2007 Saabye Christensen at the Edinburgh International Book Festival
30/06/2007 Økt beredskap i Storbritannia
26/06/2007 Forhåndsstemming i utlandet ved kommunestyre- og fylkestingsvalget 2007
26/06/2007 New direct link between Scotland and Norway
21/06/2007 Edinburgh Jazz Festival 2007
20/06/2007 Forhåndsstemming i utlandet ved kommunestyre- og fylkestingsvalget 2007
15/06/2007 Eric von Ibler and The Schola Cantorum of Edinburgh dedicates work to Their Majesties King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway.
13/06/2007 Grieg concert online
13/06/2007 Services at The Norwegian Seamen’s Church 17th of June
11/06/2007 Kristian Evju at the ECA Centenary Degree Show 2007
06/06/2007 HM The Queen of Norway opens museum in Shetland
01/06/2007 Norwegian Ships to Go Clean
24/05/2007 Kari Kleiv performs in Glasgow
23/05/2007 Scottish-Norwegian union to further develop tidal power technology
22/05/2007 Hanneline Visnes
21/05/2007 All Energy 2007
18/05/2007 HM The Queen of Norway to Shetland
18/05/2007 Pictures from the 17th May
15/05/2007 Consulate General closed 17th of May
14/05/2007 Architecture of Compassion: The Work of Wenche Selmer
14/05/2007 Houses in Wood: The Modern Norwegian Model
14/05/2007 Schengen Visa - New application procedure
02/05/2007 17th of May in Shetland
26/04/2007 'Norwegian' with new route from Edinburgh to Oslo
24/04/2007 Consulate General closed on Labour day
23/04/2007 17th of May in Edinburgh
20/04/2007 17th May in Aberdeen
20/04/2007 17th of May in Glasgow
20/04/2007 17th of May 2007 in Orkney
20/04/2007 Up and coming Norwegian artists
19/04/2007 Ruthven Parish Festival
11/04/2007 Lecture on Anglo-American Reorientation of Norwegian Academic Life
02/04/2007 Peer Gynt
30/03/2007 Opening hours during Easter
27/03/2007 Visa required for Bolivians from 1st of April
19/03/2007 Newsletter - be the first to know about upcoming events
16/03/2007 Edvard Grieg
15/03/2007 Film night in Edinburgh
08/03/2007 Electronic Edinburgh
07/03/2007 Aberdeen Jazz Festival
07/03/2007 Northern Streams 2007
28/02/2007 Extreme North
16/02/2007 Haftor Medbøe group performs in Scotland
15/02/2007 Services at The Norwegian Seamen’s Church
14/02/2007 Valhalla Rising
13/02/2007 Christmas in the Orkney Islands
12/02/2007 Strønen returns
09/02/2007 Six months into the position as Consul General
29/01/2007 New visa fees applicable as of 1st January 2007
14/01/2007 Work and residence permits
12/01/2007 Norwegian artist exhibits in Scotland
08/01/2007 The Sudirman Cup 2007
21/12/2006 'Norwegian' with new route from Edinburgh to Oslo
20/12/2006 Merger between Statoil and Hydro
18/12/2006 Opening Hours during Christmas
05/12/2006 Competition Winners Revealed
01/12/2006 The Fjords are alive with the Sound of Music
30/11/2006 Pictures from the Opening of the Winter Festivals
28/11/2006 Christmas Celebrations in Orkney
02/11/2006 Norwegian Christmas Fair
02/11/2006 Lighting of the Christmas Tree
02/11/2006 Christmas Dinner and Dance
27/10/2006 Tommy Smith and Arild Andersen
27/10/2006 Norwegian Commemoration Day, Dumfries
13/10/2006 HRH Prince Andrew unveils bronze statue of Bamse
10/10/2006 Upcoming Christmas Events
10/10/2006 Widerøe increases weekly direct flights to Bergen
10/10/2006 KMPG Presentation in Edinburgh
02/10/2006 'Lost in Norway'
06/09/2006 Pictures from the opening of Largs Viking Festival 2006
04/09/2006 Lorraine continue to rock the UK
25/08/2006 The Vikings and Scotland - Impact and Influence
25/08/2006 Largs Viking Festival 2006
18/08/2006 Staatsraad Lehmkuhl in Montrose
08/08/2006 Norwegian film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival
02/08/2006 Ibsen Year 2006
02/08/2006 Theatre Apprentice presents 'Brand'
02/08/2006 Short Plays Readings
02/08/2006 Ibsen Panel
02/08/2006 The Playwrights’ Panel
02/08/2006 Ibsen Season at Hill Street Theatre
28/07/2006 Norwegian market at the Dingwall Viking Gala
25/07/2006 Ragtime and Early Jazz Piano with Morten Gunnar Larsen
21/07/2006 Norwegian band to play at the Darvel Music Festival
19/07/2006 Bamse - WWII mascot dog to receive the PDSA Gold Medal for life-saving exploits
06/07/2006 Norwegian courses in Open Studies at the University of Edinburgh
06/07/2006 Tord Gustavsen Trio at the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival
05/07/2006 Nations Unlimited - Åsne Seierstad
05/07/2006 Per Petterson and Edgardo Cozarunsky at the Edinburgh International Book Festival
05/07/2006 Linn Ullmann at the Edinburgh International Book Festival
05/07/2006 Jo Strømgren Kompani in Edinburgh
29/06/2006 Norwegian oil production through 35 years
29/06/2006 Lorraine to rock the UK
07/06/2006 Launch of NBCC Chapter in Scotland
26/05/2006 Pictures from 17th May 2006
18/05/2006 Scotland And Norway: An Auld Acquaintance Renewed
15/05/2006 Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs visits Edinburgh
15/05/2006 17. mai i Aberdeen
05/05/2006 Norwegian companies at All-Energy exhibition
28/04/2006 Second announcement - Compensation for diving on the Norwegian Continental shelf 1965-1990
27/04/2006 Manpower Presentation in Edinburgh
22/04/2006 Pictures from 17th May 2005
10/04/2006 'Walks and Scrambles in Norway'
03/04/2006 Saving the Norwegian oil wealth for future generations
30/03/2006 Ibsen with an Indian flavour
16/03/2006 New Airlink Opened
15/03/2006 Widerøe - Edinburgh Launch
10/03/2006 Skudeneshavn and Portsoy join forces as North Sea Neighbours
09/03/2006 Norway Helps Developing Countries with Oil Management
06/03/2006 Aspiring chef wins prestigious Norwegian seafood competition
06/03/2006 Band of the future
16/02/2006 New educational website about Norway is launched in the UK
13/02/2006 A Contemporary Music Network Tour
13/02/2006 New airlinks between Edinburgh / Newcastle and Bergen
08/02/2006 Music by Grieg in Queen`s Hall
08/02/2006 Oddveig Røsegg Memorial Lecture
27/01/2006 Norwegian Band at the Aberdeen Jazz Festival
27/01/2006 Large increases in exports of Norwegian goods to the UK
19/01/2006 JR Ewing rocking the UK
14/12/2005 Montrose Bamse Project Commissions Renowned Scottish Art Alan Herriot
06/12/2005 Informasjonsskriv om influensa til nordmenn i utlandet
05/12/2005 Norway gets a new Prince
02/12/2005 a-ha is back!
29/11/2005 Pictures from the Opening of the Winter Festivals
29/11/2005 Pictures from the Yulebord
29/11/2005 Competition Winners Revealed
28/11/2005 World War II
28/11/2005 Christmas Party in Edinburgh
28/11/2005 Christmas Party in Glasgow
28/11/2005 Lectures by Prof. Gilliam Ramchand
17/11/2005 Scotland V Norway
17/11/2005 Erna Christie awarded H.M. The King's Commemoration Medal in Gold
08/11/2005 Åsa - gig in Aberdeen
01/11/2005 Competition Winner Revealed
28/10/2005 KMPG Presentation in Edinburgh
28/10/2005 Mckenzie Medbø to support Bill Frisell
28/10/2005 NORSA - New board
25/10/2005 Magnus Bjerk exhibiting in Edinburgh
25/10/2005 Advent Concert in St Giles' Cathedral
25/10/2005 Christmas Dinner and Dance
24/10/2005 Lighting of the Norwegian Christmas Tree
18/10/2005 The new Norwegian government takes office
14/10/2005 NORSA AGM
15/09/2005 "Parallel Journeys "
14/09/2005 New direct routes from Scotland to Norway
12/09/2005 Concert in St. Giles Cathedral
02/09/2005 Norwegian companies at Offshore Europe 2005
24/08/2005 Scotland - Norway
22/08/2005 Scottish War Veterans receive Norwegian Medals of Honour
17/08/2005 Nils Olav promoted to Colonel in Chief
17/08/2005 First Norwegian Centennial Tartan products released
17/08/2005 'Through Hell and High Water' - Full house in Edinburgh
15/08/2005 'Saraband' to be screened at the Edinburgh International Film Festival
11/08/2005 ‘A Commission Work for Duo’
11/08/2005 Lecture: 'Norway 100 Years Old'
10/08/2005 Promotion of Nils Olav - The Penguin
09/08/2005 Scottish Norwegian Band ÅsA at Nektar
02/08/2005 C for Courage
02/08/2005 Norwegian participation at the Pipefest 2005
01/08/2005 Ingeborg Bodzioch Art Exhibition in Banchory
01/08/2005 Norway at the Aberdeen International Youth Festival
20/07/2005 Spectacular Jazz Evening
19/07/2005 Ibsen at the Fringe
18/07/2005 Norwegian team going for Gold at the Homeless World Cup in Edinburgh
17/07/2005 Knut Hamsun Season in Edinburgh
17/07/2005 'Through Hell and High Water' to be screened in Edinburgh
17/07/2005 Nations Unlimited - David Campbell & Nina Nasheim
17/07/2005 Nations Unlimited - Pico Iyer & Åsne Seierstad
17/07/2005 East and West
14/07/2005 ‘War children’ can apply for compensation
13/07/2005 Jo Strømgren Kompani at Edinburgh Festival Fringe
13/07/2005 The Shetland Bus
07/07/2005 Norway and other donor countries urge the G8 to provide more aid
06/07/2005 UK and Norway approve two new North Sea developments
04/07/2005 Norwegian Centennial Tartan
01/07/2005 793 AD -
01/07/2005 Opening hours during week 27
27/06/2005 Municipal Government and County Council Elections 2007
21/06/2005 Norwegian Craft Exhibition in Northern Ireland
21/06/2005 Edvard Grieg Exhibition in Kirkwall
20/06/2005 Salmon - Trade restrictive measures relating to imports from Norway into the European Union
19/06/2005 Pictures from the Design Exhibition
15/06/2005 Largs Viking Festival - 26th August - 4th September.
14/06/2005 Statsraad Lehmkuhl to visit Montrose
12/06/2005 Pictures from 7th June
06/06/2005 Norwegian Commemoration Day, Dumfries
03/06/2005 Scottish - Norwegian Band at the Meadows Festival
02/06/2005 Arve Henriksen / Eivind Aarset in Glasgow
01/06/2005 Strings in Edinburgh
01/06/2005 Burgeoning developments in Aberdeen
01/06/2005 Octavia plays at Go North in Aberdeen
01/06/2005 'Through Hell and High Water' - SECOND WIN IN USA
31/05/2005 Pictures from 17th May
31/05/2005 Magnus Bjerk | Photography
25/05/2005 'Nordland' by Ross Ryan
25/05/2005 Scottish Norwegian Photo Exhibition in Edinburgh
24/05/2005 ÅSA - Gigs in Edinburgh
20/05/2005 Summer gigs
10/05/2005 17th May in Glasgow
09/05/2005 17th May in Orkney
08/05/2005 17th May in Shetland
26/04/2005 Beyond the myth of Scandinavian design
25/04/2005 17th May - Norwegian National Day
25/04/2005 Edvard Grieg Exhibition in Kirkwall
14/04/2005 Norwegian artist at Glasgow Festival
07/04/2005 Groundbreaking Health & Safety
06/04/2005 Forthcoming study visit to Scotland
05/04/2005 Scottish Norwegian band ÅSA in Aberdeen
05/04/2005 Norwegian Play tours the UK
23/03/2005 Opening hours during Easter
08/03/2005 Bibliotecha Alexandrina Exhibition
07/03/2005 The Norwegian Royal Guard at the Edinburgh Festivals' Cavalcade
07/03/2005 Norway Cup 2005 and Sporting Interchange
07/03/2005 Flag Ceremony and Service of Thanksgiving
07/03/2005 Festival of Scottish Writing
28/02/2005 Norwegian participation at the Aberdeen Jazz Festival
28/02/2005 Norwegian Craft Exhibition
23/02/2005 Vertavo Concert in Aberdeen
22/02/2005 Amundsen / Scott Exhibition: The Race to the South Pole
18/02/2005 Videos and DVDs
18/02/2005 CDs, LPs and Cassettes
18/02/2005 Books
18/02/2005 Library at the Consulate General
15/02/2005 Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2005
15/02/2005 Northern Streams - From The Forth To The Fjords
15/02/2005 Grieg or Greig? The Composer's Scottish Connections
09/02/2005 Successful Conference
02/02/2005 Oddveig Røsegg Memorial Lecture
01/02/2005 Ole Edvard Antonsen in Queen's Hall
01/02/2005 'Through Hell and High Water' wins Silver World Medal!
28/01/2005 Talk - World War II in Norway
28/01/2005 Music by Grieg in Usher Hall
28/01/2005 Lecture on Social Security
28/01/2005 Lecture by Norwegian Anthropologist
28/01/2005 Scottish star at the Northern Lights Festival
24/01/2005 'NORWAY 2005' launched in Scotland
21/01/2005 Grieg Exhibition Opened
12/01/2005 A new breed of cattle
12/01/2005 Forthcoming fisheries meeting in Scotland
07/01/2005 Norwegian Film Season
06/01/2005 New air link from Aberdeen to Oslo
06/01/2005 New air link between Edinburgh and Oslo (via Copenhagen)
06/01/2005 Ferry link from Scotland to Norway planned
04/01/2005 Norwegian Independence: A Centennial Celebration
04/01/2005 Edvard Grieg - Art and Identity
31/12/2004 Naturkatastrofen i Sørøst-Asia
27/12/2004 2005 – a special year for Norway
20/12/2004 Successful Winter Festival
17/12/2004 Opening hours during Christmas
08/12/2004 Åsa - Gig in Glasgow
08/12/2004 Through Hell and High Water - Finalist Status!
25/11/2004 Winners revealed!
10/11/2004 Deputy First Minister Jim Wallace to visit Norway
10/11/2004 'Through Hell And High Water' nominated for Bafta Award
28/10/2004 Wunderkammer gig in Glasgow
27/10/2004 Consul visits Dumfries to commemorate WW II
26/10/2004 Magne Furuholmen - Gig at The Venue
26/10/2004 Baktruppen UK Tour
26/10/2004 Norwegian Conductor in Aberdeen
15/10/2004 Norwegian Concert in St. Giles
11/10/2004 Norwegian gift presented to the Presiding Officer
07/10/2004 Magne Furuholmen exhibition
05/10/2004 Compensation for diving on the Norwegian Continental shelf 1965-1990
24/09/2004 Karl Seglem Band in Edinburgh
21/09/2004 Jan Garbarek returns to Edinburgh
21/09/2004 CoScan Conference in Orkney.
21/09/2004 Ben Nevis and Haldde observatories twinned
15/09/2004 Scotland 0 Norway 1
14/09/2004 Vice-President of the Storting to attend opening of the New Parliament Building.
14/09/2004 Edward Munch Prints Exhibition
10/09/2004 ÅSA - New gig in Edinburgh
09/09/2004 Rugby World Cup 2007
06/09/2004 Otto Thoresen as new Chief Executive in Aegon UK.
06/09/2004 Haftor Medbøe at the Islay Jazz Festival 10th - 12th September.
31/08/2004 Wallace Day Commemoration 2004
31/08/2004 Fireworks Concert 2004 - Music by Edward Grieg
30/08/2004 Norwegian Consul Opens Viking Festival
27/08/2004 Festival Reviews
27/08/2004 Springboard UK
20/08/2004 'Beauty and the Beat' - Fringe Fantastic!
04/08/2004 Largs Viking Festival - 28th August - 5th September.
22/07/2004 Find your inner Viking
20/07/2004 The Norway site in Scotland and Northern Ireland
20/07/2004 Norwegian businesses in the UK
13/07/2004 Norwegian Government's Seamen's Service
13/07/2004 Norwegian Honorary Consulates in Scotland and Northern Ireland
12/07/2004 Arne Mæland sculptures in Glasgow
12/07/2004 Planning a holiday in Norway?
09/07/2004 Student Associations
08/07/2004 Frequently Asked Questions
07/07/2004 Pages under reconstruction
02/07/2004 The forgotten tragedy of the SS Norge
02/07/2004 Scottish-Norwegian Business News
30/06/2004 Rabbits threaten Scottish Viking site
29/06/2004 Honouring Bamse
04/06/2004 Norwegian doors open in Scotland
03/06/2004 Virtual learning
21/05/2004 17th May Celebrations
02/04/2004 Double bill of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt at the Edinburgh International Festival
12/03/2004 :my photos - Norwegian photography in Edinburgh
08/03/2004 A lesson in Scottish education.
27/02/2004 Music, dance and theatre from Norvegian performers at the Fringe
27/02/2004 Norwegian invasion at the Jazz and Blues Festival
27/02/2004 Romance and Football at Edinburgh International Film Festival
27/02/2004 Linn Ullmann to the Edinburgh International Book Festival
13/02/2004 Cashmere cooperation
12/02/2004 Getting married in Scotland and Northern Ireland
04/02/2004 Fisheries ministers talk
03/02/2004 En miniguide for «nye nordmenn» i Skottland
22/12/2003 Business support
05/12/2003 BAFTA Scotland Charity Premier of 'Through Hell and High Water'
04/12/2003 Transport Links
04/12/2003 Business Education offered in Scotland and Norway
28/11/2003 25th Anniversary party of ONFA, Kirkwall
28/11/2003 Church Plaque unveiled at St Michael's Church, Dumfries
27/11/2003 Welcome to the Norwegian Consulate General in Edinburgh
27/11/2003 Talk to us
27/11/2003 The Norwegian Seamen's Church
27/11/2003 Friendship Societies
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