Date Article
25/10/2007 Norway and Russia join forces at new gas field
18/10/2007 Norwegian prawns and halibut win prize for young London chef
08/10/2007 ‘A piece of Norway’ in the Midlands
13/08/2007 McSalmon, please!
19/07/2007 Norwegian charts secure international waters
01/06/2007 Norwegian ships to go green
30/05/2007 London schools to benefit from Norwegian learning concept
22/05/2007 Scottish-Norwegian union to further develop tidal power technology
02/02/2007 Chefs and food critics treated to Norwegian halibut
17/12/2006 Services
17/12/2006 Seafood
17/12/2006 Information and communications technology
17/12/2006 Norwegian entrepreneurship
17/12/2006 Building and construction
17/12/2006 The petroleum sector
18/10/2006 Sustainable Management of Marine Recourses
16/10/2006 Prime Ministers Blair and Stoltenberg open new gas pipeline
13/10/2006 Norwegian-British seminar on sustainable fisheries
04/10/2006 Norway takes the lead in promoting transparency
18/08/2006 Norwegian entrepreneurs seek international inspiration
30/06/2006 Luxury in a bottle…
29/06/2006 Norwegian oil production through 35 years
06/06/2006 Cleaner Norwegian aluminium production
02/06/2006 Great success for Norway at energy exhibition in Aberdeen
09/05/2006 New official fisheries website launched
02/05/2006 New records for Norwegian seafood in the UK and across the world
20/04/2006 Reaching the Norwegian boiling point…
21/03/2006 Innovative project can reduce CO2 emissions while increasing oil recovery
13/03/2006 New Norwegian technology can secure drinking water
08/03/2006 Norway helps developing countries with oil management
01/02/2006 Norwegian red king crab makes star appearance at London restaurant
23/01/2006 Large increases in exports of Norwegian goods to the UK
14/10/2005 New information booklet on Norwegian trade and industry
13/10/2005 Success for Norwegian web browser
30/09/2005 Norwegian IT-industry in strong growth
27/09/2005 Norwegian candy wins European award
21/09/2005 Easy to do business in Norway
30/08/2005 Norwegian companies at Offshore Europe 2005
25/08/2005 Norwegian seafood exports reaches new heights
21/07/2005 Norwegian oil and gas key figues 2005
14/07/2005 Developing new Norwegian Sea field
04/07/2005 UK and Norway approve two new North Sea developments
31/05/2005 Burgeoning developments in Aberdeen
27/05/2005 Investments surge on British shelf
14/04/2005 Hydro wins second Toyota award
09/03/2005 Norway looks to biotech as oil runs out
08/03/2005 Tape's continuing online adventures
25/01/2005 A New Petroleum Adventure
27/09/2004 Tape London delivers new V&A; website
20/07/2004 Statoil shares in high demand
14/07/2004 Up for Opera
12/07/2004 Norway: a haven for oil production
09/06/2004 Norwegian IT company in massive collaborative project
03/06/2004 Energy Seminar in Great Yarmouth
13/01/2004 Norwegian salmon is safe
15/12/2003 Business relations between Norway and the UK
09/12/2003 Anglo-Norwegian Energy Conference in Oslo
16/10/2003 Process Industry
16/10/2003 Maritime Industries
16/10/2003 Consumer Goods
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