Norway in the UK

Date Article
17/12/2008 Norway in the UK - the highlights of 2008
05/12/2008 The lights are on!
02/12/2008 Norwegian Christmas tree lit in Cardiff
28/11/2008 From Bergen with love!
26/11/2008 Beavers swap Norway for Scotland
17/11/2008 King of Norway awarded Honorary Freedom of Newcastle
15/08/2008 Edinburgh penguin given knighthood by Norway's King
13/08/2008 Norwegian King's Guard visits the penguin Nils Olav
11/08/2008 Scottish literary tribute to Bamse!
14/07/2008 Walk like a Viking!
02/07/2008 The Tall Ships' Races
10/04/2008 Norwegian YWCA celebrate centenary
10/04/2008 Good food with love from Scandinavia
18/12/2007 Norway in the UK - cultural highlights 2007
05/12/2007 Norway's PM at Christmas tree ceremony
18/05/2007 HM The Queen of Norway opens museum in Shetland
16/03/2007 HNoMS Christian Radich visits London
13/02/2007 ‘Pølse’ with ‘lompe’ in Soho!
18/12/2006 The Olympic city of Lillehammer donates giant Christmas tree to the children of London
15/12/2006 Norway in the UK – the year 2006 in facts and figures!
07/12/2006 HRH The Crown Princess of Norway lights Norwegian Christmas tree in London
18/10/2006 Annual Christmas Fair
11/10/2006 Norwegian Law Firms in London
14/12/2005 Celebrating the centenary in the UK
05/12/2005 Centenary concert in House of Lords
02/12/2005 Kevin Spacey lights Norwegian Christmas tree
30/11/2005 The lights on the Norwegian Christmas tree in London are now switched on!
30/11/2005 The Norwegian Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square
25/11/2005 'Statsraad Lehmkul' visits the UK
08/11/2005 Annual Christmas Fair
27/09/2005 A commemorative plaque to the Norwegian government-in-exile
08/06/2005 'Norgesfesten' Centenary Gala
01/04/2005 UK and Norway's independence
07/03/2005 Norwegian Teachers visit ACS Cobham
01/10/2004 Ambassador Brautaset speaks at CoScan meeting
10/09/2004 Ambassador Brautaset speaks at Symposium on Economic Crime
29/03/2004 The Norwegian School in London
10/02/2004 Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce opens North-East branch
29/01/2004 Springboard UK
27/11/2003 Norwegian Tourist Board UK wins "Best Tourist Board" award
15/11/2003 Norwegian companies in the UK
06/11/2003 Societies and networking
06/11/2003 Norwegian Church and Seamen's Mission, St Olav's Church
06/11/2003 Norwegian Consulates in the UK
05/11/2003 Student Organisations
04/11/2003 Norwegian Support Element England
04/11/2003 Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce
30/10/2003 Innovation Norway
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