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Date Article
26/02/2008 Seeds on ice in Svalbard
26/02/2008 Young explorers document global warming in the Arctic
07/02/2008 Monitoring the environment from the poles
21/12/2007 European prize for Svalbard Museum
07/11/2007 Climate change: what can we do to prevent further damage?
24/10/2007 Digital learning revolution in Norway
22/09/2007 Dworkin wins the 2007 Holberg Prize
29/08/2007 Holberg Prize
07/08/2007 New Norwegian science award launches in York
02/08/2007 Norwegian academics invent 'time of death' device
10/07/2007 Educational summer in Norway 2008
05/07/2007 Norwegian invention can stop desert spreading
26/06/2007 Norway’s green opera
23/05/2007 Abel Prize Award Ceremony
08/03/2007 Science through graffiti and computer games
05/03/2007 Norway - a major contributor in the International Polar Year
25/01/2007 Star map with Norwegian help
11/12/2006 Unique Norwegian surgical technology
16/11/2006 The King of Norway receives honorary degree from Oxford University
10/10/2006 Gigantic Pliosaurus discovered on Norwegian soil
10/10/2006 Bursary for one year’s residence at a Norwegian folk high school
27/09/2006 The Holberg International Memorial Prize for 2006 goes to Professor Shmuel N. Eisenstadt
27/09/2006 The Abel Prize
04/08/2006 BBC reconstructs Scott/Amundsen race
17/07/2006 Norwegian "jungle tractor" receives World Bank award
10/07/2006 Norwegian scientist heads cancer research at WHO
21/06/2006 Climate scientists gather in Norway
16/06/2006 Training young, British leaders on Svalbard
15/06/2006 The UK is most popular choice for Norwegian students abroad
06/06/2006 British Parliamentarians visit Norway
02/06/2006 Norway to host the World Environment Day in 2007
30/05/2006 Lennart Carleson receives the Abel Prize
05/05/2006 The Tangaroa raft on its way across the Pacific Ocean
28/04/2006 Svalbard Science Centre opened
18/04/2006 David Cameron visits Svalbard
12/04/2006 Gardening in space...
10/04/2006 Learn Norwegian - in Norway
04/04/2006 Nordic food online
24/03/2006 Swedish mathematician receives the Norwegian Abel Prize
23/03/2006 Norwegian explorer finishes world's longest ski expedition
06/03/2006 Norwegian fish lotion can treat skin ailments
17/02/2006 Norwegian gender researchers lead international project
16/02/2006 Educational website about Norway for UK primary schools
08/02/2006 Norwegian government donates £4.2 million to vaccine research
08/02/2006 Tony Benn speaks in connection with Scandinavian art exhibition
06/02/2006 New international research institute for the high north
03/02/2006 Fuel up on water
04/01/2006 English-speaking schools in Norway
09/12/2005 CoScan Travel Awards Scheme
08/11/2005 Study in Norway
27/10/2005 First Norwegian satellite launched
21/09/2005 The Holberg International Memorial Prize
13/06/2005 Nobel Peace Center in Oslo opens
31/05/2005 International Students in Norway
25/05/2005 Abel Prize winner announced
06/05/2005 PM Bondevik to open arctic research station
06/05/2005 New Research Prize at Nobel level
25/04/2005 Promoting peace in Nansen's spirit
15/03/2005 Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund
02/02/2005 Symposium: Norway outside the EU
11/10/2004 Norwegian awarded Nobel Prize
28/04/2004 Barnaby Bear has been to Norway
07/11/2003 Norwegian tutors
07/11/2003 University Studies
07/11/2003 Part-time classes in Norwegian
07/11/2003 Learning Norwegian at Primary and Lower Secondary levels
07/11/2003 Learning Norwegian
07/11/2003 Norwegian Government Scholarships 2008/2009
07/11/2003 Norwegian Government Scholarships 2008/2009
07/11/2003 Look at Norway
16/10/2003 The National Fund for Research and Innovation
16/10/2003 Quality and focus
16/10/2003 International research cooperation
16/10/2003 The Norwegian research sector
16/10/2003 R&D; in Norway
16/10/2003 Long-term pure research efforts
16/10/2003 Upper secondary education
16/10/2003 Primary and lower secondary schooling
16/10/2003 A system for lifelong learning
16/10/2003 Higher education
16/10/2003 Education in Norway
16/10/2003 Fancy a year in Norway?
16/10/2003 Fancy a year in Norway?
16/10/2003 Facts and figures about the Norwegian educational system
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