Date Article
20/06/2008 The return of Annie!
18/06/2008 Norwegian Youth Symphony Orchestra in Liverpool
18/06/2008 Norway at the ‘Voices Across The World' Festival in London
13/06/2008 The Northern European Jazz Quartet in London
09/06/2008 Moha! bring their unique sound to the UK
03/06/2008 Rolf Wallin return to the UK
02/06/2008 Norwegian Bit20 Ensemble at Integra 2008
02/06/2008 Rock comets Animal Alpha to the UK
29/05/2008 Lorraine to rock the UK
29/05/2008 Casiokids return to the UK
28/05/2008 SYM released in the UK
20/05/2008 Norwegian conductor at Royal Festival Hall
01/05/2008 Silje Nes touring the UK
01/05/2008 Ungdomskulen in London
30/04/2008 A Special evening with Morten Harket, Savoy and Magne F
30/04/2008 Nils Petter Molvær at Bath International Music Festival 08
29/04/2008 Norwegian Focus at The Great Escape
24/04/2008 Music Export Norway’s new office in London
18/04/2008 SAHG perform in London
01/04/2008 Ida Maria at Camden Crawl 2008
01/04/2008 Young Prize Winners Concert in London
14/03/2008 Gothminister return to London
14/03/2008 Real Ones back in London
14/03/2008 Lionheart Brothers return to the UK
13/03/2008 Norwegian metal band tours UK
27/02/2008 Ida Maria in the UK
21/02/2008 Turbonegro returns to the capital
21/02/2008 Norwegian band to play at UK charity fashion show
14/02/2008 Commotio CD featuring Knut Nystedt
07/02/2008 Leif Ove Andsnes returns to London
06/02/2008 Norwegian award-winning artist with concert in London
31/01/2008 Norwegian musicians at Wigmore Hall
31/01/2008 Norwegian Real Ones with concert in London
31/01/2008 Ida Maria is back in the UK
22/01/2008 Norwegian 'king' with concert in London
22/01/2008 ‘Sounds from the Cathedral’ in the UK
17/01/2008 Nils Økland tours the UK
14/01/2008 The Lionheart Brothers back in the UK
02/01/2008 Norwegian musician with UK concerts
27/12/2007 Norwegian Folk Music
27/12/2007 Festivals
27/12/2007 Music Education and Research
07/12/2007 Nobel festivities in Oslo
22/11/2007 Norwegian ‘king’ with new album
15/11/2007 Free Ida Maria gig!
14/11/2007 Norwegian jazz duo to London in December
01/11/2007 Norwegian accordionist at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
30/10/2007 Grand finale of Grieg year at Wigmore Hall
30/10/2007 UK premiere of Norwegian composer’s work
17/10/2007 Celebrated Sami duo return to the UK
11/10/2007 Up-and-coming band to In The City 2007
10/10/2007 Jazzy Christmas concert in St Martin-in-the-Fields
09/10/2007 Strong Norwegian line-up at London Jazz Festival
08/10/2007 Trio Mediæval promote new album in the UK
01/10/2007 Oh my God, Ida Maria is here!!
01/10/2007 Jazz and heavy metal in happy union
28/09/2007 Electronica act to London and Bristol
31/08/2007 New Prize Awarded to BFO
22/08/2007 BBC Radio 2 favourites with UK concerts
20/08/2007 Popular jazz trio back in the UK for new tour
15/08/2007 London is hit by Frost in August!
30/07/2007 Norwegian band releasing UK radio hit
26/06/2007 Norwegian DJs headline at Fabric
26/06/2007 The Brazz Brothers play starring role at international music festival...
21/06/2007 Experience Scandinavian summer nights... in Surrey!
13/06/2007 Norwegian opera singer at Sadler’s Wells
30/05/2007 Move over, Avril! Out of the way, Kelly!
30/05/2007 Bergen International Festival 2007
23/05/2007 A ‘little thing’ from Norway
18/05/2007 Norwegian avant-pop to London
14/05/2007 Welcome to a summer of festivals in Norway
11/05/2007 The Lionheart Brothers back in the UK
11/05/2007 Up-and-coming act in London
23/04/2007 Norwegian singer tours UK with Meat Loaf
12/04/2007 Traditional Scandinavian music and dance in Yorkshire
12/04/2007 Norwegian invasion of Bath
11/04/2007 Norwegian singers at Cheltenham Jazz Festival
11/04/2007 Norwegian pop talent to the UK
10/04/2007 Young Norwegian violinist to London
10/04/2007 Jazz trio to the Bury Festival
10/04/2007 Celebrated Sami duo return to the UK
10/04/2007 Norwegian celist celebrates the music of Elgar
13/03/2007 Introducing The Lionheart Brothers…
19/02/2007 World music star Mari Boine with rare London concert
16/02/2007 Celebrating Kon Tiki’s 60th anniversary
13/02/2007 Young Norwegian singer to London
06/02/2007 Young guitarist to London
31/01/2007 Norwegian artists at unique music festival
29/01/2007 Norwegian TV-personality with London concert
11/01/2007 Aspiring singer/songwriter hosts concert in London
08/01/2007 Yoik gets the British music critics going
28/11/2006 Have you got what it takes?
16/11/2006 Aspiring singer to London
15/11/2006 There's something about Solveig...
14/11/2006 Norwegian DJs head for London
13/11/2006 UK premiere of Norwegian composer's work
07/11/2006 Bright young things from Norway
31/10/2006 a-ha grab prestigious UK music award
27/10/2006 Aspiring singer/songwriter with concerts in London
24/10/2006 Norwegian singer enters at number six in UK singles chart
18/10/2006 Leif Ove Andsnes returns to London
17/10/2006 Norwegian musicians at London Jazz Festival
17/10/2006 Norwegian soprano with concerts in Cardiff
12/10/2006 Sami duo brings the ‘yoik’ to London
10/10/2006 Charity performance of smash-hit Monty Python musical
28/09/2006 Norwegian-British music collaboration to the UK
27/09/2006 This winter's first Frost in Manchester
11/09/2006 Norwegian jazz princess tours the UK
11/09/2006 Susanna spreads her magical jazz across the UK
08/09/2006 Norwegian camp-disco-synth-pop spreads across the country
18/08/2006 Young soloists of Norway take on London
11/08/2006 Vertavo Quartet to Dorset
02/08/2006 Award-winning band on UK tour
02/08/2006 Three artists - for the price of one!
20/07/2006 From to London...
20/07/2006 Much anticipated album hits UK record stores
26/06/2006 The new opera house in Oslo is taking shape
23/06/2006 Scandi techno back in Harlesden
15/06/2006 A ‘little thing’ from Norway
15/06/2006 a-ha back in the UK with more concerts
12/06/2006 British invasion of the Norwegian festival summer
07/06/2006 Lorraine to rock the UK
01/06/2006 Norwegian music showcase in London
31/05/2006 Norwegian camp-disco-synth-pop hits the UK (again)
30/05/2006 Norwegian band release album
19/05/2006 Thomas Dybdahl & Butti 49 dj-set in London
15/05/2006 Ane Brun to London (again)
11/05/2006 Leif Ove Andsnes's Wigmore Hall concert sells out
11/05/2006 Extreme metal band tours UK
09/05/2006 Ane Brun releases new album in the UK
05/05/2006 (Don't) Die of Pleasure
02/05/2006 Scandi techno in Harlesden
27/04/2006 Norwegian camp-disco-synth-pop on a stage near you!
27/04/2006 Three bands host free gig on Norway's Constitution Day
18/04/2006 New Norwegian band enters UK singles chart
11/04/2006 Norwegian music invasion in Bath
11/04/2006 'Cosy Prisons' - new single from a-ha
11/04/2006 The Tord Gustavsen Trio at festival in Norwich
07/04/2006 Norwegian musicians at the University of York Spring Festival
22/03/2006 Live electronica and visuals show to England
21/03/2006 Norwegian jazz musicians with concert in London
15/03/2006 Norwegian musicians at Cheltenham Jazz Festival
08/03/2006 Norway's biggest band to the UK
07/03/2006 Jazz odyssey: music and migration
07/03/2006 Nystedt performed in Oxford
03/03/2006 Band of the future
24/02/2006 Frode Haltli exclusive solo show
10/02/2006 New rock band tours the UK
08/02/2006 Pizza + Jazz = Solveig Slettahjell
06/02/2006 Jazz it up
01/02/2006 The voice from ‘Titanic’ back in the UK
23/01/2006 Award-winning Norwegian pianist to London
19/01/2006 JR Ewing rocking the UK
11/01/2006 Magnet gig in London
11/01/2006 a-ha perform at HMV in Oxford Street
05/01/2006 SoNorsk Artists at Beachclub
08/12/2005 British stars at Nobel concert in Oslo
07/12/2005 Scottish/Norwegian electro hits Nottingham
01/12/2005 The Global Battle of the Bands
22/11/2005 Norwegian brass legends to the UK
21/11/2005 New Röyksopp track out now
17/11/2005 Nordic Voices in Southampton
14/11/2005 Rock comets Animal Alpha to the UK
09/11/2005 a-ha is back!
07/11/2005 Norwegian Voices
01/11/2005 Singer/songwriter duo with UK gigs
31/10/2005 Norwegian artists at UK's leading contemporary music festival
28/10/2005 Norwegian duo supports Jamie Cullum
20/10/2005 Award-winning guitarist performs in London
19/10/2005 Norwegian musicians at London Jazz Festival
13/10/2005 Club exchange: Blå at Notting Hill Arts Club
10/10/2005 Soultek Session presents Toy
06/10/2005 Norwegian band supports the Dandy Warhols
05/10/2005 More magical concerts from Susanna
03/10/2005 Magnet gigs around the UK
27/09/2005 Two nights of Norwegian metal
26/09/2005 New Lene Marlin album
22/09/2005 Röyksopp tours the UK
13/09/2005 Robert Post tours the UK
13/09/2005 Norwegian DJ to the UK
31/08/2005 H.M Queen Sonja International Music Competition celebrates 10 year anniversary
26/08/2005 Massed Brass Band Concert: England Greets Norway
25/08/2005 Norwegian soprano at the BBC Proms
19/08/2005 Norwegian youth choir performs in Westminster Abbey
27/07/2005 Röyksopp play at London jazz cafe
20/07/2005 Cello Recital by Jonathan Aasgaard
20/07/2005 Cikada Ensemble wins Nordic Council Music Prize
19/07/2005 Christian Wallumrød Ensemble Tour
13/07/2005 Robert Post UK tour
14/06/2005 Woodleg Odd at Bar Rumba
14/06/2005 Jaga Jazzist at All Tomorrow's Parties
13/06/2005 Hanne Hukkelberg to London
13/06/2005 Susanna & The Magical Orchestra
09/06/2005 Kari Kleiv at 12 Bar
02/06/2005 Bugge plays Jazz Café
24/05/2005 Farmers Market tour
20/05/2005 Tord Gustavsen Trio tour
20/05/2005 Summer gigs
19/05/2005 Ketil Bjørnstad in concert
10/05/2005 Röyksopp and Turbonegro to the UK
10/05/2005 Jaga Jazzist UK tour
09/05/2005 Five gigs in London
09/05/2005 Reflex gospel choir to London
29/04/2005 Millpond Moon to London and Leicester
28/04/2005 Electrophant and QRT at Beachclub
28/04/2005 Bjørn Torske at AKA
19/04/2005 Gimse plays Beethoven
30/03/2005 Concert with Trondheim Music Conservatory Students
10/03/2005 Rave reviews for Tord Gustavsen trio's latest album
10/03/2005 Strong reviews for 'Anniemal' in the UK
04/03/2005 Fresh Air photos
17/02/2005 Kate Havnevik at Hope & Anchor
01/02/2005 Norwegian jazz in Gateshead
31/01/2005 Nils Økland & Mike Adcock mini-tour
20/01/2005 Tomter and Gimse play Shostakovich
20/01/2005 Royal Riot at Hope & Anchor
10/01/2005 Nils Økland with the BBC Concert Orchestra
10/01/2005 Grammy nominations for Andsnes and Garbarek
07/01/2005 Kings of Convenience: top MTV music video
07/01/2005 Norwegian acts generate strong UK press coverage
20/12/2004 Fresh Air at Fabric
17/11/2004 Asamisamasa in concert
09/11/2004 Fredrik's Wonderful Evening
02/11/2004 Norway at London Jazz Festival
27/10/2004 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
26/10/2004 Sunkissed at Fabric
26/10/2004 Double whammy for Kurt Nilsen
22/10/2004 London Inferno
22/10/2004 MTV Award nominations for Maria Mena and Sondre Lerche
15/10/2004 Norway at Wigmore Hall
15/10/2004 Jan Garbarek tours UK
13/10/2004 Bislett Bad & Rundkjøring in London
05/10/2004 Beach Club at Notting Hill Arts Club
04/10/2004 Sunkissed at The Key
04/10/2004 Kate Kobro live at Bush Hall
10/09/2004 Nils Petter Molvær at Cargo
02/09/2004 Röyksopp to release new single
02/09/2004 Rockers Sheep tour UK
25/08/2004 Blue Plaque for Grieg unveiled
13/08/2004 Annie's "Chewing Gum" single of the week in NME
11/08/2004 Marianne Thorsen to Lincoln Music Festival
10/08/2004 Tonight, tune in to Grieg
06/08/2004 Rock act Gisli tour UK
05/08/2004 Leif Ove Andsnes nominated for Gramophone award
27/07/2004 Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra at Proms
26/07/2004 Nils Petter Molvær in Jazzwise
21/07/2004 Jan Garbarek at Royal Festival Hall
21/07/2004 Kings of Convenience Tour
19/07/2004 Silje Nergaard in Jazzwise
08/07/2004 Coldplay contribute to a-ha member's solo album
05/07/2004 Biosphere's homage to the space age
30/06/2004 Roy Powell Trio
14/06/2004 Karl Seglem Tour
11/06/2004 Norway rocks Big Chill
11/06/2004 Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band to open Glastonbury
10/06/2004 Millpond Moon on tour
09/06/2004 Kurt Nilsen's album out now!
07/06/2004 Sold-out venues for Surferosa
01/06/2004 One World Live presents Horny Pony
24/05/2004 Kings of Convenience tour
14/05/2004 Nash Ensemble at Cheltenham International Music Festival
14/05/2004 Trio Mediaeval at Cheltenham International Festival of Music
14/05/2004 Ballamy and Carstensen at Bath International Music Festival
13/05/2004 Trans Europe Express at Cargo
11/05/2004 Captain Kurt on Top of the Pops
10/05/2004 Farmers Market at Norfolk & Norwich Festival
10/05/2004 Nidaros Girls Choir at Norfolk & Norwich Festival
06/05/2004 St. Thomas tours UK
29/04/2004 Silje Nergaard at Cheltenham International Jazz Festival
29/04/2004 Scandinavian music and dance festival
28/04/2004 Successful UK press launch for Captain Kurt
26/04/2004 Bugge with big band at Barbican
19/04/2004 Kurt's UK launch
14/04/2004 Jazz maestro Bugge on UK tour
14/04/2004 Kraggerud and Gimse at Wigmore Hall
14/04/2004 Troll and Hulder at St. Martin's
13/04/2004 Sunkissed at Fabric
05/04/2004 dibidim do UK
01/04/2004 CD press launch at Norwegian Embassy Residence
23/03/2004 Leif Ove Andsnes and Artemis String Quartet
23/03/2004 Synth-punk band Surferosa tour UK
17/03/2004 Uncompromising search for beauty
15/03/2004 The soul of the Hardanger fiddle
09/03/2004 Leif Ove Andsnes at Wigmore Hall
05/03/2004 Bergen's by:Larm praised by Brits
05/03/2004 Intimate concert at Norwegian Seamen's Church
02/03/2004 WE - Norway's answer to The Darkness?
26/02/2004 A gig-goer's guide to Viking rock, courtesy of The Times
25/02/2004 "Why is cold, remote Norway full of mighty bands?" asks The Times
24/02/2004 Truls Mørk plays Dutilleux at Royal Festival Hall
24/02/2004 Messenger from Norway
23/02/2004 Sheer unadulterated rock power: JR Ewing at The Metro
18/02/2004 Xploding Plastix at Spitz
12/02/2004 Bergen cowboy Magnet tours UK
04/02/2004 Record label Rune Grammofon praised by British press
04/02/2004 Rock + jazz + dance = Jaga Jazzist
03/02/2004 Norwegian group SURFEROSA end UK tour at Beachclub
22/01/2004 Three live dates with two of Europe’s finest players
20/01/2004 Vertavo Quartet at Wigmore Hall
08/01/2004 Norwegian artists abroad still going strong
07/01/2004 British star-makers want Norwegian Idol
07/01/2004 Norwegian band Krace takes on the world
18/12/2003 Radio 3 lunchtime concert 12 January
04/12/2003 Turbonegro in London
25/11/2003 Surferosa on UK tour
16/10/2003 Popular music
16/10/2003 How the Norwegian music world is organised
16/10/2003 Music in Norway
16/10/2003 Jazz
16/10/2003 Contemporary Music
16/10/2003 Classical Music
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