Performing Arts

Date Article
24/10/2007 Norwegian choreographer with two London shows
18/10/2007 Hedda Gabler to Greenwich
15/08/2007 Theatre production with a cultural testimony
14/06/2007 'Elling' conquers the West End!
12/06/2007 Young director gets a chance in London
30/05/2007 'Ghosts' haunt Battersea
23/05/2007 Norwegian dance group turning heads in London
16/05/2007 Storytelling for adults...
16/04/2007 Norwegian dancer takes part new in show
28/03/2007 London theatre adapts Oscar-nominated Norwegian film
12/03/2007 Ibsen staged in Norwich
07/03/2007 Nora heads to Bristol
27/02/2007 Norwegian-produced play in London
27/02/2007 Polar drama chills Croydon
23/02/2007 Ibsen’s ‘John Gabriel Borkman’ opens in London to great reviews
13/02/2007 'A Doll’s House' in Wembley
05/02/2007 Polar drama in Cheshire
22/01/2007 Norwegian singer hits the West End
15/01/2007 Norwegian dancer takes part in unique show
04/01/2007 ‘Peer Gynt’ to Barbican
03/01/2007 Choreographer showcases new work
02/01/2007 Ibsen’s ‘Peer Gynt’ travels to Hackney
18/12/2006 Ghosts arrive in Notting Hill
12/12/2006 Ibsen Year makes its marks across the UK
05/12/2006 ‘Ghosts’ haunt Bristol
04/10/2006 Physical theatre at its very best in Winchester
07/09/2006 Norwegian actress in London's West End
18/08/2006 Norwegian play premieres in the UK
17/07/2006 Norwegian actress with solo performance
18/05/2006 Successful Ibsen ballet returns
06/03/2006 Shakespeare with an international tweak
01/03/2006 'Karius and Baktus' to London!
10/11/2005 'A Doll's House' by unique London theatre company
02/11/2005 Ibsen play receives great reviews
29/09/2005 Norwegian choreographer with first London performance
02/09/2005 Ibsen play becomes a London ballet
24/08/2005 Norwegian composer/producer contributes to successful play
09/06/2005 Peer Gynt at London theatre
12/04/2005 Chasing Ibsen
14/02/2005 West Yorkshire Playhouse presents A Doll's House
12/01/2005 Ibsen's Hedda Gabler at Almeida Theatre
15/10/2004 Tower Theatre presents Ibsen’s Ghosts
13/10/2004 Baktruppen UK tour
04/10/2004 Norwegian Dance House
30/06/2004 Powerful drama from top Norwegian playwright
24/06/2004 "Must-see production" of A Doll’s House
28/05/2004 Tharan Revfem at Robin Howard Dance Theatre London
30/03/2004 Tales of beauty and horror
09/03/2004 In Transit
20/01/2004 A Doll's House - Nora with a contemporary German twist
13/01/2004 "Must-see production" of A Doll’s House
16/10/2003 Venues for contemporary dance, theatre and performance
16/10/2003 Theatre institutions
16/10/2003 The independent companies
16/10/2003 Festivals
16/10/2003 Associations & Education
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