Norwegian Design Year

2005 is the official year of Norwegian design. Norwegian design has been blossoming since the start of the new millennium, and this year there will be more activities than ever to market Norwegian design both at home and abroad.

15/07/2005 :: Norwegian designers have not attracted so much attention since the height of the Scandinavian Design era in the fifties and sixties. The Norwegian government wants to promote the use of design in the development and marketing of Norwegian products. The focus will be on the importance of design in everyday life, and the part design plays in the business sector, in Norwegian society as a whole, for Norway as a nation and in the international arena.

This design wave has been brought about by a new generation of Norwegian designers. Innovative forces within various design disciplines have brought a fresher and very contemporary feel to Norwegian design. The demand for Norwegian design is increasing in foreign as well as Norwegian companies, and media interest has grown significantly both at home and abroad.

The Norwegian Design Council, Norsk Form and Innovation Norway intend to direct more attention to design as a competitive factor in business and as a cultural form of expression in a broad and innovative perspective. Research, education and universality are aspects that are to be highlighted.

Norwegian Design Year is a co-operation project between the Norwegian Design Council, Norsk Form and Innovation Norway. Organisations involved in design, private-sector development, innovation and culture are invited to take part in the design year.
The themes for the year will include:

- Design for the private sector
- Design as a form of cultural expression
- Design in development assistance
- Design in education
- Universal design (design for all)
- Design management

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Designed by Jan-Erik SlettenPhoto: Jan-Erik Sletten / Norwegian Design Council

Designed by Øyvind Grønlie andThomas GundersenPhoto: Øyvind Grønlie og Thomas Gundersen / Norwegian Design Council