A.K. Dolven opens Bergen Kunsthall exhibition

The Festival Exhibition 2004 at Bergen Kunsthall opened 20 May with London-based artist Anne Katrine Dolven's moving mountain -- 35 mm film installations and paintings. Norway's ambassador to the United Kingdom, H.E. Tarald Brautaset, held the opening speech.

26/05/2004 ::
A.K. Dolven
Having lived in Berlin, and more recently London, Anne Katrine Dolven has over the past years established herself as one of Norway's most sought after contemporary artists.

She has had a number of major solo exhibitions with significant international institutions and received awards for her work, one of these being the Fred Thieler-award.

Dolven has also been important to the Norwegian arts scene, active both as an artist and politically. The Festival Exhibition 2004 in Bergen Kunsthall will be her largest solo exhibition in Norway to this date.

Extract from Ambassador Brautaset's opening speech:

"Ladies and Gentlemen

"Living and working in Berlin and London and in her beloved Lofoten Islands in Norway, has given Anne Katrine Dolven and her art new, important dimensions. She is Norwegian and she is also international. That is why it feels so right for me to open her new exhibition precisely here in the city of Bergen. Bergen is a city well known for its openness and receptivness to inspiration and ideas from across the sea. 

"The title, 'moving mountain', can be a metaphor for many things.  It can be interpreted in the Biblical sense or as the role of art in modern society. It is up to each of us to accept her invitation to a dialogue based on what at first glance may be seen as technically brilliant paintings, videos and photos. And they are all those things, but there is more. As you are drawn into her work, you gradually understand that there is much more to be discovered, that you have to engage with her art to understand it, and she invites you generously into her works. And believe me, it is worthwhile to accept. Because there are lots of questions but very few absolute answers in her works, that’s what makes them so fascinating."

Click here to read the entire speech in English.

Click here to read the entire speech in Norwegian.

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From A.K. Dolven's 'moving mountain'