Norwegian model adorns London buses

Sudanese-born model Sonja Wanda is the new Top Shop girl whose photos will be seen on London's double-decker buses until the end of spring, VG writes.

08/03/2004 :: An internationally sought-after model, the 19-year Sonja old has come a long way since she dreamed of being the new Naomi Campbell as a child in the town of Fredrikstad. She and Naomi now share the catwalk.

Last autumn Sonja was given 10 pages of coverage in fashion magazine Elle under the heading, "Simply the Best". Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Dries van Noten, Iceberg ... everyone wants to feature Sonja.

As a 4-year old child in Sudan Sonja would day-dream about a life in the fashion world while cutting and pasting pictures from fashion magazines.

Says Pål Vasbotten, Sonja's mentor at Heartbreak modeling agency, "Her career has amazing momentum. If this continues it means that Sonja has got what it takes to reach the very top and stay there. In addition to being very photogenic she possesses tremendous drive and has a positive disposition. This means a lot."

Sonja has always been very close to her mother. "She has taught me many things. Being kind to others and making them feel well helps me tackle the stress that comes with the modeling job," Sonja says wisely.

"I definitely want to succeed as a model. But that is only a part of a bigger project. My big plan is to go back to Sudan and give something back ... If you're a famous person it's so much easier to get backing for humanitarian projects."

Before Christmas the modeling agency Models1 set her up with a meeting with Woody Allen. "A warm and sincere person who went out of his way to make me relax. Whether of not I'll get a part in one of his films is not yet decided, but I am enjoying all of it."

"This is the beginning of something which could turn out very, very exciting," Sonja says with a big grin.

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 Photo: Heartbreak

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