Large increases in exports of Norwegian goods to the UK

The increase in Norwegian exports to the UK in 2005 was 35% including gas and oil, and 25% excluding gas and oil. The UK numbers were particularly high as overall Norwegian exports worldwide saw a rise of 20% including gas and oil, and 11% excluding these products.

Exports of food to the UK was up 25% and Norwegian fish in particular saw a noticeable increase of 30% - with salmon up over 100% year-on-year.

There were also high increases for engineering products with for instance metal products up 52% and machinery up 48%. As for oil and gas, exports to the UK of crude oil had increased with 38%, petroleum products up 37% and natural gas up 58%.

Import of British products to Norway did also see a rise of nearly 14%. Noticeable increases included pulp and waste paper up 248%, iron and steel up 39%, non-ferrous metals up 67% and crude fertiliser and minerals rose 93%.

Exports to the UK of Norwegian fish saw an increase of 30% last year.
Photo: Kjell Ove Storvik, Norwegian Seafood

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Exports of gas and oil in 2005 saw strong increasesPhoto: Statoil