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Lene Marlin, one of Norway's most successful music exports in recent years, releases her third album in the UK.

Lene Marlin's new album 'Lost In A Moment', released in the UK on 26 September, came about by chance. "It didn't start out as an album at all," says the singer, whose previous albums have gone platinum not only in her native Norway but across much of western Europe, making her one of the hottest properties in contemporary music. "I originally started working on another project. But it went so well and the songs kept on coming that before I knew, it had grown into an album."

Teaming up with the hit-making production team Stargate (whose past clients include Mariah Carey, Cher and Mary J Blige), Lene also worked in secret at their Trondheim studios. "Yes, it's my secret album. You could say it felt like I was making my first record all over again. I didn't tell anyone about it. My record company didn't know what I was doing. I wanted some peace and quiet and I didn't want anyone interfering. I wanted to do it my own way." When she finally went to see her record company, they were expecting her to play them some demos. "I surprised them by presenting them with a finished record," she says. "I just gave it to them and said 'here it is, it's all made'."

But then Lene Marlin's career has always been characterised by chance, happy accident and the element of surprise. Born in Tromsø, Lene's musical journey when she was given a guitar when she was 15 years old. During the summer of 1997, NRK, the public broadcaster, received a tip about a talented young teenager who wrote and played her own songs and she was invited to record a song at their studio in Tromsø. Then someone at NRK told Virgin Records in Oslo about her.

Before she knew it, she was in a recording studio making her first single, Unforgivable Sinner which became the fastest-selling single in Norwegian music history, staying at number one for eight weeks. The following year, 1999, saw the release of her debut album, 'Playing My Game'. The album went on to sell 1.8 million copies and established her as an international star, going platinum in Norway, Britain, France, Sweden, Denmark and Italy and gold in most other territories.
At the height of her success, she decided to take some time off to grow and to reflect on how her life had changed so dramatically and whether stardom was something she really wanted. Eventually, she re-emerged older and wiser in 2003 with her second album, 'Another Day'. The record produced

further hit singles and cemented her position as one of Europe's most talented female singers.

Now, after the four year gap between her first and second albums, the third follows in little more than a year and a half. The relatively rapid appearance of 'Lost In A Moment' is said to reflect how comfortable Lene has grown in her role and how confidently she has taken charge of her own destiny.

"It's difficult for me because I'm so close to it," she says when asked to describe 'Lost In A Moment'. "I can't stand back and review it. But everybody who's heard it seems to think it sounds very fresh and positive and relaxed and real. That's because when I was making it there was pure happiness. It seems like a very natural development from the last record."

'Lost In A Moment' is available from all major record stores now.

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Lene Marlin's third album, 'Lost In A Moment', is now out in the UKPhoto: Marcel Leliënhof

Photo: Marcel Leliënhof

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