Norwegian IT-industry in strong growth

The 500 largest IT-companies in Norway expanded their trading results by 70 per cent last year.

04/10/2005 :: In total the trading results increased in the 500 largest IT-companies from 324 million Euro (2,68 billion NOK) to 579 million Euro (4,54 billion NOK) from 2003 to 2004. This is equivalent to 70 per cent. In addition the bottom line doubled from 261 million Euro (2,05 billion NOK) to 527 million Euro (4,13 billion NOK) in the same period.

Telenor dominates the Norwegian IT-market. Figures from Telenor show an increase in trading results from 1,30 billion Euro (10,23 billion NOK) to 1,42 billion Euro (11,15 billion NOK) last year. Telenor is close to having 40 per cent of the total turnover of the 500 largest IT- companies in Norway.

The ten largest IT-companies in Norway according to the Norwegian finance newspaper,  Finansavisen, are: Telenor, Netcom, Ementor, Edb Business Partner, IBM Norge, Scribona, HP Norge, ErgoGroup, Nera og Santech Micro Group.

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The Norwegian IT- industry is in strong growthPhoto:

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