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Løvetann is a global manufacturing company based in Norway, producing customisable, environmentally-friendly modular homes that can be built in just under three weeks and last a lifetime.

The first Løvetann homes emerge from the drawing board of Snøhetta which worked together with Løvetann, a modular home company, to produce the debut line, ‘Løvetann by Snøhetta’. Known for their unique architectural approach, Snøhetta has contributed a design strategy that considers the entire built environment and the interactive potential of a space. The result is a home that is as functional as it is comfortable. While staying true to the enduring quality of Scandinavian design, the Løvetann modular home can change according to the desires of its inhabitants.

The style is dictated by the owners, not defined or restricted by the structure. Customised, interchangeable panels offer functionality and limitless design possibilities, with built-in standards such as wireless networking, kitchen and bathroom appliances, and home entertainment systems. Løvetann promotes an environmentally conscious lifestyle by utilising renewable, recyclable materials, and integrated technologies. With respect for the environment, Løvetann emphasises longevity and efficiency. The homes are manufactured for flat pack distribution. The Løvetann home can be built in just under three weeks and lasts a lifetime.

The construction was developed with simplicity in mind. Aluminum columns and beams form a grid frame consisting of 4.8m x 4.8m sections. The standard sizing allows for additions and removals with no impact to the overall structure. Modular panels dress the aluminum frame, with a single unit serving as both the interior and exterior wall. With this the home lends itself to easy on-site construction. To complement the home, Løvetann offers products and services that reflect the innovative, foreword-thinking ideals of the company. Amenities such as organic food deliveries and garden consultants exemplify Løvetann’s inclusive approach.

Snøhetta’s diligence and innovative methods during their three-year design partnership with Løvetann have resulted in an infrastructure that will be flexible enough to allow other designers to co-create lines with Løvetann in the future. Løvetann will release homes in collaboration with diverse designers and architects from around the world. The various lines will be tied together through the consistently superior quality of Løvetann’s supply partners, Hydro and Siemens, who will provide the electrical appliances and aluminum goods for all Løvetann homes.

Snøhetta Modular As
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Skur 39, Vippetangen
NO-0150, Oslo

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Experience the Løvetann house at 100% NorwayPhoto: Snøhetta