Find in York probably Anglo-Saxon

According to Professor Arne Emil Christensen the much talked about "Viking find" in York is probably of Anglo-Saxon origin, reports Kulturnett Norge.

18/11/2005 :: Professor Christensen, who visited the site in February, has not found any evidence which could indicate that the grave has anything to do with Vikings.

"Most of what I saw points in an Anglo-Saxon direction. There are very few Nordic signals at the site," says Professor Christensen.

Among the artefacts uncovered by amateur metal detectors in York were clinch nails dating from the 9th century. These were initially thought to be Viking ship-building nails.

"Thus far I have only seen one nail, and for all that we know it could stem from a discarded vessel which has been chopped up and used for other purposes [...] many more nails will have to be discovered before we can confirm that this is the site of a Viking burial," says Professor Christensen.

Despite it not being the Viking find of the century, Professor Christensen does not undermine the discovery. "An Anglo-Saxon market place from the 9th century is exciting in its on right."

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